Witcher 3 DRM-free

CD Projekt Red says if someone wants to pirate the game, they will.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will not feature always-online digital rights management (DRM). Developer CD Projekt Red told Kotaku that the studio is trying to move away from DRM altogether.

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"We are trying to get rid of DRM," game designer Maciej Szczesnik said. "If someone wants to pirate a game, eventually he will."

"Which is bad, of course," managing director Adam Badowski added. "But you can't do anything about it, so. We want to give the best user experience possible. When we removed DRM, people on those torrents were actually asking people not to download our game, because we [weren't using DRM]."

The Witcher 3 not featuring any DRM is not much of a surprise. Last year, CD Projekt Red CEO Marcin Iwinski said "Every subsequent game, we will never use any DRM anymore. It's just overcomplicating things."

The Witcher 3 is Geralt's final story and reportedly has 100 hours of gameplay. The role-playing game is due to launch in 2014 for PlayStation 4, PC, and other "high-end" platforms. CD Projekt Red is considering adding a series-first multiplayer component to the game.

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