Witcher 3 Dev Can't Promise Improved Xbox One Resolution With DirectX 12

Senior game designer at Witcher 3 developer CD Projekt Red, Damien Monnier, took to twitter today to dispel rumors that DirectX 12 will solve the Xbox One's resolution problem.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt developer CD Projekt Red has said in the past that Directx 12, while impressive, won't make it any easier to run the game at higher resolutions on the Xbox One. A senior game designer working on the new game has confirmed that early assessment in a Twitter exchange over the weekend.

Speaking to fans concerned about getting the best experience, senior game designer Damien Monnier suggested that playing the Witcher 3 on PC would be better "for the resolution alone."

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DirectX 12, a new bit of graphics software from Microsoft, has already proven itself as a game-changer. PC users will be able to combine graphics cards from different manufacturers, and developers will be able to eke out quite a bit more performance from aging hardware. It is not, however, a miracle worker.

Monnier clarified that CD Projekt Red would certainly try to make higher resolutions work on the Xbox One, but that he was hesitant to promise anything.

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The Witcher 3 has been delayed several times, but is due out on May 19.

If you're looking for more of our Witcher 3 coverage, you can check out what the game looks like in 4K resolution and our recent preview of the game for a better look at the upcoming open-world game.

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As for those performance gains, Bell seemed optimistic. “Oh yes. said Bell. “Our engine loves [DX12] also. With DX12 the Xbox will perform extremely well for us. With the upcoming imminent patches it's already much better. We'll need to do some work of course but the way our engine is structured lends itself to the main benefits of DX12.

this came from project cars dev when asked a bout dx12 on xbox one.

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People read to literally into these articles and assume instant defeat or instant victory(depending on which side you're on). These "console A," vs, "console B" battles have existed since the NES/ Sega Master system days. On PC, it happens between graphics cards, though, that's where the real nitpicking is. You're already on a PC, with optimal quality and now you're going to nitpick at a few extra frames when comparing AMD's top of the line card, with Nvidia's...when, in fact, you should just pick a damn card and worry about your CPU and memory more than anything else. What good is a large video card if you're CPU can't keep up with the draw calls. Most people on the PC don't even know about the CPU/ GPU balance. The best systems are the most balanced. It's how one guy can have a high end card and churn out slower frames than someone with a better processor and slower graphics card. When you start noticing bad performance, don't blame the drivers or go buy another card, look to your CPU. Maybe the game is using so much of your card it's causing a train wreck called a "bottleneck," that you just hadn't been experiencing previously.

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Calm down everyone. What they say is true, but from a certain point of view. True, it won't transform lesser hardware to greater hardware. It physically couldn't, but it can make more efficient use of the hardware to, perhaps, earn better filtering and effects...which would be the smarter investment for any performance gains.

Remember the Witcher 3 had been in development since conclusion of the second title. Concrete specifications of these consoles didn't exist at that time, as hardware on both sides had yet to be confirmed/ solidified and hence, the constant delaying and set backs to make the game "better." You can keep setting it back for years and still not end up where you want to be, given, the title was based on rough estimations. So, on one hand, what CD Projekt is saying, is true, but based on that point of view and by no means speaks of future developments from any developers. This game obviously can't be completely re-designed around DX12 at this point and concrete specs, unless we want to see the game in 2-3 more years. At this point, any console updates will be marginal gains, at best.

Come Witcher 4, it will undoubtedly be designed around DX12 and known hardware specifications, and that alone will insure better optimization for both consoles and we will undoubtedly see 1080p on both consoles, hence, DX12 would have proved a larger asset. It's the same in the PC realm. A game can be great based on an older API, but perform and looking marginally better by the next API release, but since it wasn't completely designed around that new API, it's not a significant game changer.

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Let me guess.. The children are crying about a absolutely negligible difference in graphics (900 /1080p)?

You can't actually tell a difference but lets piss and moan about it anyways....

Frame rates actually do matter and nothing is said of this... These developers should never sacrifice frame rate performance for negligible graphics.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> wah wah wahhhh...

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That's hilarious. Poor console fanboys..

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dx12 AT BEST will give an average of 6 fps increae across all games, obv some will get more and others less, and games built on dx12 platform will have some nice added visuals, but it won't give the x1 any additional power, just stability.

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Low iq x1 fanboys still dream that "gap" will be closed with dx12.. It will never get closed. Your 12th secret core or another directx 19 will never close it too.

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Can DX12 improve visuals on xbox one? I'm not talking about resolution, I'm talking about graphical asssets in the game.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> slightly yes, things like bloom and hdr will be more defined, you will notice subtle changes but tbh it's like playing a 2014 game then playing a 2015 game there wll always be advancements.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> No,.. it can, in a best case scenario offer a 15% increase in usage of the ESRAM.

The ESRAM is to help the RAM bandwidth (or lack of it)

Don't quote these numbers, but an XBOne is around 70Gbs of bandwidth, the PS4 having around 160Gbs of bandwidth..

(I think the Xbox is actually less, and the PS has more than these numbers, but I give them simply to highlight the reason Xbox has a hard time rendering high resolution and high framerate with a lot of graphical goodness/effects going on)

The ESRAM 'buffer' is at present what is not being well optimised for in a lot of XBox games.. The Direct X12 newness comes with some tools to help optimise for using the ESRAM on the XBox is what I have garnered from programmers talking about what DX12 will actually bring to the system.. In a theoretical scenario it is, at most, about 15% better utilisation of the ESRAM..

To be fair I am talking about stuff I haven't heavily researched..

Games are fun, but XBox hardware, this time around, doesn't excite me in the slightest.

PS4 users do have fair reason for hardware bragging rights,. and PC (masterracers) likely even more so.

For some perspective, my five year old PC has a video card with 327Gb of bandwidth..

Modern Gaming PCs running several cards have some extreme processing power.. hence why they might run into three monitors or very high resolution monitors.. with all eye candy on, with extreme quality presets.

A cheap PC can easily match a PS4, and with both Sony and Microsoft selling selling systems with architectures similar to any off the shelf computer, many games will be mulitplatform, and as we are seeing,many exclusives on the consoles seem to get a PC release as well.

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I just find it a tad bit unprofessional that they talk about resolution without talking about framerate. 1080 vs 900 is fine, but what about fps? (I guess it was revealed before but I dunno).

Side note, I am looking forward for this game, coming at my birth-day! Will play it on the PC.

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Games should run at MINIMUM of 1080p on consoles in 2015. Xbox one can't do that and it's pretty sad.

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@mattress805 Forget 1080p. That's nice, but framerate drops have been a far more significant issue and seem to actually be more prevalent on the PS4, most likely because of the "need" to have a slightly better resolution seems to trump framerate on that system.

Besides, PS4 couldn't even handle 1080p on battlefield hardline, so don't act like the ps4 is much more powerful at all.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> i bet fps is gonna be bad in both consoles.

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If this is that big of a deal for someone, they need to get it on pc, consoles are not for the resolution fanboys.

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Every console should run games in 1080p in 2015 tho.

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Tis' a glorious day to bashHumdinger for he has deleted his ignorant comments about DX12, which was supposed to save the Xbox One.... HA !!

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<< LINK REMOVED >> i'm an all format gamer but i got to admit i wanted to see the excuse from Humdinger regarding the DX12 fanb0ts make me both laugh and pity them

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I did too.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Umm, really....

I would say .. it is a good day when a person can own up (and possibly recant) and acknowledge that they may have been wrong..

If someone has eased up on selling snakeoil because they now realise it isn't a miracle cure, then good on them.

This article is sensational.. just look to the headline.. The Xbox doesn't have a resolution problem, it just has a weaker video chip than the competition. When the difference is not enough to force game to look different (from a graphical effects perspective) then it is a win for gamers everywhere..

Dev studios can now make their games for more platforms, with less effort than before.. which might also mean that we start getting niche games again.

Resolution does permit an easier job at headshots and spotting in a game like, say, Battlefield. (at 4K)

In a game like the Witcher it just means that the prettyness the art team has done can shine even more so.

It will still be pretty on XBOne..

Direct X 12, unlike previous Direct X's isn't about hardware requrements.. it is about Micro$oft giving PC users some of their purchased power and grunt back.. let them utilise some more of their uberspec.

M$ haven't wanted to do this (ever since the first Xbox), but if allowing Direct X 12 to make use of what is now available in the industry (low level APIs), then they will happily grab a few extra Xbox sales..

Whilst representatives have made public remarks that it won't do much for Xbox, they are hardly going to press this fact.. when the belief will net them a few extra sales of a console they are desperate to get up to speed.

M$'s woes with the Xbox is the best thing that could happen to gaming.

They are becoming a lot nicer to the industry as a whole (they have too), and it is we the gamers that benefit.

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There shouldn't be any surprise, from Xbox boss:

"On the subject of Direct X12, Spencer said he doesn't want to "rain on anybody's parade," but said the new API is not going to impact the Xbox One in any significant way. "

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Wasnt interested in the game anyhow... It does not impress me and im not spending $60 bucks even if it was 1080p.

State of Decay on the 28th though.... Already pre-ordered!!!

MKX on the 14th... Already pre-ordered!!!!

Halo 5 and Rise of Tomb Raider.... they can just take my money now cos im getting those Day One!!!!!

this witcher game...... yawn..... Ori is better IMO

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Wow fanboy damage control level 9000 here...

Avatar image for nl_skipper

<< LINK REMOVED >> It must suck having such bad taste... granted the games you mention are mostly great, but come on, you seriously throwing The Witcher under the bus...? I don't think you even know what you're missing!

Avatar image for xTheTrueSeekerx

To be fair, the witcher is not for everyone. I mean, I typically love RPGs similarity to the witcher, but my first time playing the witcher 2 I was bored outta my mind. I tried it a few other times since and not much changed. I do plan to attempt it again (I'm pretty stubborn like that) but my hopes are not high. Maybe its because I didn't play the first, idk

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> how is this any different in terms of hype from the crysis series?

Avatar image for whitedragem


Crysis was one of the most downloaded/ware'd games ever.

People loved to benchmark their machines by it.

I still install it on new machines to 'see how it will run', and also to check temps etc that the machine is working...

How is the Witcher different?

Well true, it is a graphic tour de force.

The first game in each series wouldn't run on consoles at the time...

I can imagine some people missed out on the Witchers earlier chapters...

BUT... story strong role playing games have a radically different market to shoot em up games.

The Cryengine that powers other FPS games is hyped in ways to do with the technical prowess of the engine.

The Witcher (series) is one of the best RPG games ever. It has strong characters and relationships and a feel that we the protagonist effect the world through our choices.

It has decisions and a choice tree that was eye opening to the games industry.. adult choices where we often were trying to find the 'lesser' of two evils. It wasn't morally easy when making decisions... there would always be an outcome, and quite often we couldn't play a 'paladin' like character where good was always evident.

This depth, and adult gameplay has been missing from gaming.

Some of us like to have a game that recognises that gamers grow up as well. We don't all need to play Tekken or Street Fighter anymore.

The Witcher, being based from novels, has an epic world and background going on..

A bit like how 'Game of Thrones' has done so well in the TV sphere.. the Witcher is the video game equivalent.

Given that the first two games can often be purchased for around ten dollars online for the PC,.. and that modern PCs can finally render the Witcher (2) in ultra settings (uber sampling anyone?)...

It is time for these games to go mainstream.

On top of everything about the game evolving.. the CD Projekt Red are also key game industry influences who are willing to 'risk' or go against the grain that is Digital Rights Management,.. and TRUST their userbase.

This does indeed get them a lot of kudos for the gamers of the world.

The hype, here, is that we all want them to succeed with this decision and therefore want people to buy this game.

But... it won't be for everybody. It is a dark and troubled world, with a dark and troubled protaganist. Who generally is hated and feared by the nice townsfolk he often works hard for, and is seldom loved for the effort. Though, depending on which region in the world you live in, when Geralt is loved, it can be pretty graphic. (again.. Game of Thrones anyone?)

Avatar image for westsiderz28

iv never played any of the witcher games so can i come in to this in the 3rd game and enjoy it or will i need to have played 1 and 2 to know whats going on? it looks amazing i must say

i just hope as me being a newbie to the series that i can get the jist of things

Avatar image for adamthegrim

<< LINK REMOVED >> Yeah, you don't need to play the first two to get into this one, it's a completely separate adventure. Recommended to play on PC though.

Avatar image for skiggy34

WHO CARES???? Are people really that hell bent over 900p v 1080p?? Listen to how ridiculous that sounds! A) with the ps4 and xbox one with these 2 resolutions you CANNOT see the difference, GET OVER IT. The game will look and play exactly the same. You want graphics resolution, get the pc version and stop crying about it. This resolution crap is getting seriously stupid. There hasn't been 1 multiplatform game that has look noticeably better on any console nor a pc sporting the same specs. PC may have a slightly sharper detail but with most games, you cant tell. And I don't want to hear about your pc that can do 1440p or 4k because you didn't spend no $399 on that rig... Im fine with either console version. Resolution is going to destroy gaming, look at games like The Order.... Enough said..

Avatar image for adamthegrim

<< LINK REMOVED >> I can't tell if you're kidding or not.

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One of the biggest disclaimers for the DX12 power claims is being ignored by the all the people who are clamoring for more X1 power.

The game has to be designed from the ground up with DX12 in mind or it will not see any benefit, PERIOD. It's not something devs can go back and easily update and gain a ton of power. The game has to be made from the start to take advantage of it.

Even the biggest supporters of the Dx12 power boost have said that existing games will see 0% boost in performance.

Avatar image for ruelas420

<< LINK REMOVED >> True. Direct12 will boost the Xbox One graphics but you are correct, it has to built using Direct12 from the start.. ehhh I could care less, wasnt going to pick this game up anyhow, Getting Fables Legends and Quantum Break instead... Oh and cant wait for Halo in October!!!

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anyone expecting this is stupid, the hardware is set, they can never go past theoretical performance, this rumors need to stop, except if youre talking to Humdi, then he will try to convice you that DX12 will give MS console more power LOL.

Avatar image for ruelas420

<< LINK REMOVED >> It will you stupid twat!!!! But it will not improve already made games..

Now piss off little gay pony boy...

Avatar image for Articuno76

<< LINK REMOVED >> That doesn't make sense to me... if set hardware is a limiting factor then how would PCs benefit from DX12? Any one configuration of hardware, should it stay the same, won't benefit right?

Avatar image for Sohaim

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Very simple, console are optmized as hell, where PCs are not, DX12 and Vulcan will bring console level optimization to PC, google a bit and you will see how better things will get, better multi core usage, better CPU overhead and so on.

Avatar image for jerjef

<< LINK REMOVED >> The thing is even Phil Spencer said it wouldn't change much of anything. I don't understand why these articles keep popping up. Oh right, click baiting.

Avatar image for Sohaim

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> and theres dudes here in gamespot that still think that DX12 will close the gap or even make the Xbox get more performance and better resolution.

Avatar image for lawi2ence


Those dudes that think DX12 will save their Xbox are 5 years old with half of a working brain.

Avatar image for adriangrey11

I don't care about your god damn resolutions. On my 4 year old Toshiba REGZA 1080p TV ... all game consoles XB1 and PS4 look identical. It's all the same BS.... get over it. This whole resolution debate is incredibly stale. Grow up and get a grip all of you....I'm sick of all of your crap. Pissing me off.