Witcher 3 Dev Can't Promise Improved Xbox One Resolution With DirectX 12

Senior game designer at Witcher 3 developer CD Projekt Red, Damien Monnier, took to twitter today to dispel rumors that DirectX 12 will solve the Xbox One's resolution problem.


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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt developer CD Projekt Red has said in the past that Directx 12, while impressive, won't make it any easier to run the game at higher resolutions on the Xbox One. A senior game designer working on the new game has confirmed that early assessment in a Twitter exchange over the weekend.

Speaking to fans concerned about getting the best experience, senior game designer Damien Monnier suggested that playing the Witcher 3 on PC would be better "for the resolution alone."

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DirectX 12, a new bit of graphics software from Microsoft, has already proven itself as a game-changer. PC users will be able to combine graphics cards from different manufacturers, and developers will be able to eke out quite a bit more performance from aging hardware. It is not, however, a miracle worker.

Monnier clarified that CD Projekt Red would certainly try to make higher resolutions work on the Xbox One, but that he was hesitant to promise anything.

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The Witcher 3 has been delayed several times, but is due out on May 19.

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