Wipeout studio working on new racer

Job listing on Sony's Liverpool studio says unannounced project in "high profile racing franchise" is in development.


Yesterday, a job listing revealed that Finnish studio Remedy is hiring for a new AAA Xbox 360 project, which could possibly be Alan Wake 2. Today, another job listing indicates that a new Wipeout project may be in the works at the series' developer, Sony Computer Entertainment's Studio Liverpool.

A new Wipeout game could be in the works.
A new Wipeout game could be in the works.

According to a post on the studio's website, "Studio Liverpool requires an experienced and upbeat Senior Designer to work with a talented and experienced team on a high profile racing franchise." The franchise is not named, but Studio Liverpool's highest profile racing series is the music-intensive Wipeout collection of games. Sony Europe reps had not commented on the listing as of press time.

The last installment in the futuristic racing series was Wipeout HD, a collection of 1080p-upscaled tracks from the PSP games Wipeout Pure and Wipeout Pulse. The game also features eight reverse tracks, four new ships, two alternative heads-up displays, two-player offline split-screen, and trophy support.

Initially available as a digital download from the PlayStation Network in 2008, Wipeout HD was rereleased last fall in disc form, which also contained its Fury expansion. 3D visual support for the game was patched in this past June but requires a 3D-capable HDTV to play.

For more on Wipeout HD, check out GameSpot's full review of the game.

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Avatar image for Szeiden

This better be a new WipEout game.

Avatar image for Franzkill

As long as its either G-Police 3, another Colony Wars game or a new Wipeout then I will be happy. I certainly wouldn't mind a new IP though. Sidenote: Wipeout HD shines! :)

Avatar image for kenmanius

That's hawt. Wipeout 4-eva.

Avatar image for Sirbobislost

@flammablecrap @Seiki_sands Yes that's exactly what consoles need a new colony wars there hasnt been a decent space fighter type game for years what happened to rogue squadron as well?!?

Avatar image for deactivated-57fce817a4cf5

Could it be.... a new Wipeout? This time with tassels! (did I spell tassels right?)

Avatar image for BasilVZero

Love the wipeout series *-*

Avatar image for MuffintopX

I've always loved the Wipeout games and their ability to stay on top in the graphics department. When I bought my HDTV in 2008, Wipeout HD was the first game I got. Now they make me want a 3DTV because their sense of speed mixed with lots of color and high framerate is unrivaled.

Avatar image for Seiki_sands

So if Yu Suzuki, Hiroyuki Sakamoto (Director of F-Zero GX), or Martin Chudley (designer on Blur and the PGR series) walked into Studio Liverpool to apply for a job, and they discovered that instead of being "upbeat" as per the listing, they were instead dour men, do you think they would turn them down? What an odd qualification. @flammablecrap Couldn't agree more about Colony Wars.

Avatar image for Lach0121

Bring the new Wipeout back to the PC!

Avatar image for flammablecrap

I wish they would bring G-police and Colony wars back too. But Wipeouts always fun anyways.

Avatar image for SicklySunStorm

I love Wipeout, but I was always an ExtremeG man myself.... would love to see a modern update of that.

Avatar image for Sirbobislost

@ DaAlienMan Because No one knows if it actually a wipeout game yet and if it is it could be for the psp or Ps3

Avatar image for jaredcrazy3232

wipeout = Heart

Avatar image for fullmetalhollow

The difficulty is fine in wipeout, once you start to really get it it sucks you in, if it was easier I wouldve stopped playing a long time ago.

Avatar image for adh105

I would just be happy with another Hd expansion. might be under psp since they dont know the platform of the game, and @ahpuck why would you want to make the harder difficulties easier the whole point is to challenge you plus they are not impossible as I and plenty of people have done them, however i do think they made the trophies to hard.

Avatar image for maximumbarmage

The paragraph describing Wipeout HD in this article is such an idiotic simplification of what Wipeout HD offered I don't even know where to start. Regardless, more Wipeout can only be good, as it's pretty much unique in the brand of extreme sci fi racing it offers, and would provide a welcome antidote to the presistent "car porn" fetishistic sort of racer the industry is so obsessed with these days.

Avatar image for Sagacious_Tien

Sounds like a good idea. It's been a while since we've had a proper Wipeout and there's nothing else like it on the market at the moment.

Avatar image for Tauu

The original F-Zero on the SNES is still the most fun game of it's kind. Sometimes simplicity is best.

Avatar image for DaAlienMan

why is this posted under the psp game? im confuzled

Avatar image for ahpuck

If it is a new wipeout, I sure hope they fix the driving, or is it hovering?, mechanics. Wipeout was impossible in the harder levels, unless you were using the driving assist. I don't remember wipeout 1 being that insanely difficult. I mean, it wasn't easy but with a lot of practice it wasn't impossible, like wipeout HD.

Avatar image for benleslie5

Awarsome, don't foget to Vote WipEout HD for Best Racer at GoldenJoystick.com

Avatar image for Kleeyook

Cool! Wipeout HD was great! But how about a new F1 game for PS3!?

Avatar image for Francision69

I hope it's another Wipeout title. I loved it for the PS3!

Avatar image for tennis12master

Wipeout HD was awesome. It had enough content within it to justify a full retail game - In my opinion. And it's Fury expansion only improved an already awesome game. Here's to hoping this is a new installment in the great racing franchise!

Avatar image for SadPSPAddict

It won't be F1 because CM still hold the license for that. Excited about the thought of some more Wipeout :D

Avatar image for flicks09

If this is for PS3, it would be extremely awesome. PSP2...still kinda awesome. I heart WipEout.

Avatar image for Malaphisis

Can't wait!

Avatar image for Terthoran

Probably gonna be a launch title for the PSP2.

Avatar image for lamprey263

Being that Psygnosis made more Formula One titles than WipeOut titles my guess is that Sony Liverpool is rebooting of their Formula One series (can't say that excites me much). Though I'd much rather have a new WipeOut title. Who knows though, maybe they're bringing back another Destruction Derby title, not that a Destruction Derby title excites me more but it might excite me knowing that Sony Liverpool is interested in some of the older Psygnosis IPs, after all that may mean they'll eventually work on some older series I'd like to see revisted (like Colony Wars or G-Police).

Avatar image for p3tZku

Wipeout games are classic, the HD was quite fun too. Going to be intresting to see what they are making

Avatar image for Grim_Reaper007

I havent played a Wipeout game since Wipeout 64 and Wipeout on the Saturn, they were great games, i was completely unaware that the studio was still around :P

Avatar image for JohnF111

Yeah a new wipeout would be pretty sweet.

Avatar image for B-boy

maybe colony wars

Avatar image for Ex-DarkBlade

I hope it is a new Wipeout game for the PS3.