Wipeout Pure's downloadable content to be sizable

The default 32MB Memory Stick might not be enough to contain all the racing game's updates.


Wipeout Pure

TOKYO--While it is already known that Wipeout Pure for the PSP will get downloadable content, some new details have leaked from Japan. According to retail sources, Sony plans to release roughly two new courses, hovercraft, and soundtrack songs each month. While the hovercraft and the songs will only require a few kilobytes on the Memory Stick, each course will be about 4MB, meaning that the monthly updates will probably be around 8MB apiece.

According to plans disclosed to Japanese game merchants, Sony is considering distributing new data for Wipeout Pure for at least six months after its release. The rough calculation of 48MB of updates during the six-month period suggests that gamers probably won't be able to fit in all the updates into the default 32MB Memory Stick that comes included with the PSP value pack. This means gamers will either have to buy additional Memory Sticks in stores, or just transfer some of the old data to their PC.

For more details on Wipeout Pure, race on over to GameSpot's updated hands-on impressions of the game, which will launch alongside the PSP on March 24

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