Wipeout Pure races out new content

Third downloadable update to the futuristic PSP racer features a new car, track, and skin.


Wipeout Pure

Sony Computer Entertainment continues to make good on its promise to keep new content for Wipeout Pure coming. The latest add-on to the PSP game, Gamma Pack 3, is available for download now from the game's Web site.

The pack introduces three new additions to the sci-fi speeder. The first is a new playable vehicle, the van uber. The craft is described as "agile" and is taken from Wipeout Fusion's F9000 league. A new track set, the Sebenco Peak circuit, has also been added. This mountainous track is peppered with the snowy peaks of Mount Sebenco. The final bonus is the Feisar team skin, which adorns the game's menus with a new look.

To make use of Gamma Pack 3, PSP owners should surf over to the official Web site and head to the "PSP downloads" section. Using a Memory Stick Duo slot, a reader, or a PSP and a Memory Stick Duo with enough available memory (the pack is a hair over 6MB), gamers can then simply follow the onscreen instructions to enjoy the new content.

Wipeout Pure is rated E for Everyone and sells for $39.99. For more information on the game, head over to GameSpot's full review.

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