WipEout HD, Burnout Paradise zip onto PSN

Loaded week brings four new games, a rash of add-ons, and basketball demos to Sony's online storefront for PS3, while PSP store gets a pair of titles plus samplers.


If the PlayStation Network could buckle under the weight of a Thursday update, this week's release slate would be the one to do it. In addition to four new games for the PlayStation 3, the game company has added two new PlayStation Portable titles, not to mention a myriad of add-on packs as well as game demos for both systems.

High-speed racing, and the glorious crashes that ensue, play a prominent role in two of the games for the PS3. With WipEout HD, available for $19.99, Sony has remastered a variety of tracks from previous installments in Studio Liverpool's long-running futuristic racer franchise. Originally released for the PS3 in January, Criterion's warmly received Burnout Paradise also finds its way onto Sony's console today, just one week after the studio rolled out its free Bikes title update. It bears a budget sticker price of $29.99.

With Strawdog Studios' GEON Emotions first surfacing on Microsoft's Xbox Live storefront last year, Eidos Interactive is bringing the action puzzler to Sony's online distribution service today. A $9.99 download, the game packs 40 puzzle grids and eight minigames, and also supports multiplayer matches for up to four. For an idea of what to expect, check out GameSpot's review of the Xbox 360 game.

Capcom's 8-bit revival Mega Man 9 is also available today for $9.99, a free demo of which is live on the PSN. The game is a throwback to the cutesy war machine's NES days of yore, and features eight brand-new bosses for Mega Man to do battle against.

With Buzz! Quiz TV arriving on retail shelves earlier this week, the game is getting a number of bonus question packs. Nature buffs can pick up the National Geographic: Safari question pack for $7.99, while gamers and sci-fi fans can buy 500-question packs catered toward their tastes for $5.99 apiece. Namco Bandai has also added a $1.99 Halloween costume set for its fighter Soulcalibur IV.

Rock Band has also received a healthy installment of new songs, with Rush's Moving Pictures album rocking to the online service after hitting a technical snafu a few weeks ago. The seven-track playable album is available for $10.99, with individual tunes running for $1.99 apiece. The full-record pack is joined by songs from Hot Hot Heat, Stone Roses, The Cult, Kasabian, Bad Religion, and Sleater-Kinney, all of which cost $1.99 apiece.

Mega Man 9 won't be the only title to be demoed this week. Sony has also added a smatter of free samples for EA Sports and Sony San Diego's respective basketball sims NBA Live 09 and NBA 09: The Inside.

The PSP is receiving its fair share of love this week, as well. Though both have already seen retail releases, PSP gamers can now purchase Sony Online Entertainment's Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade and Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Worlds for play, sans UMD. Each title is available through the PlayStation Store for PC for $14.99. PSP owners can also pick up free demos for Empire Interactive's Pipe Mania and Sony's internally developed Buzz! Master Quiz through the PC storefront.

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