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Wipeout Futurism: The Graphic Archives Gives Inside Look At PlayStation's Iconic Racing Series

Wipeout Futurism: The Graphic Archives releases on November 12, and preorders are now discounted.


Wipeout first launched for PlayStation and DOS in 1995, and it quickly became a cult classic. The series would go on to earn multiple sequels on PlayStation platforms over the next two decades, all of which followed the same futuristic racing blueprint laid out by the original. If you're a dedicated fan of the series, you'll likely be interested in the upcoming Wipeout Futurism: The Graphic Archives--a hardcover volume that details the game's creation and how the series played a role in shaping the racing genre. The book releases on November 12, and preorders are seeing a slight discount ahead of its launch.

The book is bound to be a popular item among Wipeout fans, so consider reserving a copy soon if you want to add the book to your shelf at launch. And because preorders are seeing a slight discount, it's all the more enticing. Plus, if the price drops even more, you'll only pay the lowest cost offered at Amazon from the time you place your order and when the book ships (you're charged when it ships).

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