Wipeout 2 - Move Controller Hands-On Preview

The popular TV game show makes another appearance, and we spend some time with the Move version.


It's funny to think of how enjoyable it is to see others suffer. For whatever reason, the popular game show Wipeout is everywhere with numerous versions from around the world, and people just can't get enough of it. Last year, the video game version of the show made its first appearance on the Nintendo Wii, and this year, all of the other consoles get to experience the crazy obstacle course game as well. The people at Endemol and Activision stopped by our offices the other day to show off the PlayStation 3 version of Wipeout 2 and how the PlayStation's Move controller will be implemented in the game.

Chances are, he's about to get punched
Chances are, he's about to get punched

For starters, this second entry in the franchise takes it up a notch from last year. On top of the summer-themed episodes that were featured in the first game, there will be some winter-themed ones. These winterized episodes will feature holiday-themed obstacle courses and other events that take advantage of the colder weather. In total, there will be eight to take part in; four summer-themed episodes and four winter-themed episodes.

If you're unfamiliar with the concept behind Wipeout, you control an individual who is racing across various obstacle courses as fast as possible. As you would expect, the courses are no spring-time strolls in the park as various contraptions, objects, and other surprises get in your way of reaching the goal. Like the show on which it's based, Wipeout 2's episodes are broken into sections. The first one is a race to see who can complete the course the fastest, followed by an endurance challenge to see who can survive the longest. The third course is another race to the finish as you compete for the best time and try to get ahead of others on the course. These three end with the ultimate course and, hopefully, victory for your player.

Controls with the Move controller were fairly easy to grasp. Holding the trigger and motioning your character in the direction you want him or her to go moves your character, while making up or down gestures cause your character to duck or jump. It's a fairly simple control scheme that shouldn't be too difficult for anyone who picks up the Move controller for the first time. Of course, you're not forced to use the Move controller to control your character, but it does feel a lot better balancing with it rather than using a Sixaxis.

Don't let that revolving baseball bat hit you!
Don't let that revolving baseball bat hit you!

Our time with Wipeout 2 was brief but gave us a good idea of what to expect once the game hits all consoles this October. While there won't be any online competitive multiplayer, you will still be able to challenge your friend's times, and when playing with people in the same room, your friends can do a number of different things to distract you. Fans of the first game and the television program should be able to pick it up and immediately get into the groove of things. For those anxious to hear and see more, expect a final verdict on the game later this year.

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