Wing Commander Film Gains Cast

Digital Anvil moves ahead on making Origin's Wing Commander into a movie, as a cast is announced.


The Hollywood industry magazine Variety reports that Wing Commander creator and founder of Digital Anvil, Chris Roberts, has finished at least the initial casting for his Wing Commander movie.

The game... er, movie based on the game is set to star Freddie Prinze Jr. (seen most recently in I Know What You Did Last Summer) as Blair (played by Mark Hamill in the most recent Wing Commander computer games) and Matthew Lillard (Scream) as Maniac (Tom Wilson's role in the game). Saffron Burrows (Circle of Friends) and Elise Neal (Scream 2) are also set to star in the film, which Roberts, in his ongoing effort to realize his cinematic ambitions, will direct.

What's the plot of the film as provided by a script by Kevin Droney and as reported in Variety? Prinze, Lillard, Neal, and Burrows, as "a group of top-notch young space pilots on their way to an intergalactic battle," discover that the space cruiser they're on has been rigged to destroy the universe.

The movie is budgeted at US$27 million. Filming is set to begin later this month in Luxembourg and Germany.

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