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Windows Holographic Revealed

"We're dreaming beyond virtual worlds--beyond screens."

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On Wednesday during a Windows 10 event, Microsoft officially announced a future-focused augmented reality platform called "Windows Holographic." Its overall aim is to blend your digital life with the world you're living in.

A live demonstration of Windows Holographic
A live demonstration of Windows Holographic

"We're dreaming beyond virtual worlds--beyond screens," a Microsoft representative said.

Part of Windows Holographic is the "Microsoft HoloLens" headset, which you can see below. It's the "most advanced holographic computer the world has ever seen," Microsoft says.

It's fully untethered, and features see-through HD holographics. It also includes spatial sound, allowing you to hear sounds all around you. It also has advanced sensors that can capture environment information. What's more, the HoloLens features a built-in GPU and CPU.

"We invented a third processor. A holographic processing unit," Microsoft said. "The HPU gives us the ability to understand where you're looking, to understand your gestures, to understand your voice, to spatially map your environment, to run without wires ... all in real-time."

It also sounds like Microsoft's new holopgraphic technology doesn't intend to compete with virtual reality companies such as Oculus VR.

"Oculus, Magic Leap, Glass developers and everyone else, we humbly invite you--come create holograms with us," a representative said.

HoloLens will work entirely as a standalone device--you won't need a phone or a PC to use it.

GameSpot is on the ground in Redmond for Microsoft's event today. We'll have more on HoloLens and more in the time ahead.

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