Windows 8 and 10's Boring Old Solitaire Has Reached a Huge Number of Players

The Windows Solitaire game has reached 100 million unique users.


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Solitaire has been a Microsoft mainstay since Windows 3.0, and now its newest version, Microsoft Solitaire Collection, has hit more than 100 million unique users. This comes about a year after Microsoft celebrated Solitaire's 25th anniversary.

Microsoft released some facts about Windows Solitaire on the official Xbox website, where we learn that an average of 55 million games of Microsoft Solitaire Collection are played every day. On top of that, through the game's Xbox Live Achievements, players have earned more than 1.3 billion Gamerscore. Microsoft also claims that Solitaire in general is "one of the most played games of all time on any Windows OS."

As part of the celebration, Microsoft announced that its Solitaire Collection is coming to iOS and Android devices this fall. It'll launch with Xbox Live integration and cross-platform play, so you can carry your stats and do daily challenges on whatever device you like.

Windows 10 users get something this fall, too. A new game mode called Events is on its way, and Microsoft says you can win "tons of awards" and see how "you stack up against your friends and the community," while building "your Solitaire legacy." It's not clear what this mode will entail exactly, and the teaser video that Microsoft released doesn't help us parse it at all. You can watch it below.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection isn't the Solitaire you remember from past incarnations of Windows. It launched with Windows 8 and 10 and includes five different types of the classic card game--Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid, and Tripeaks. You can download it here.

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Avatar image for zunairmalik

I really enjoy this version of solitaire because of the added daily challenges. I like the options and the various graphics that are available. The ads are just slightly obnoxious which is very tolerable in a high quality free game. Thank you Mat Paget

i also love to play solitaire daily challenge.

Avatar image for fbplayer1064

Spider Solitaire master race

Avatar image for ps3gamer1234

I get the old Windows 7 and Vista games on my pc through a exe file I got off youtube. Now I can play the classics for free and no mouthly bill.

Avatar image for RabbiSchmuley

MS has been snuffing the metrics on GS users wanking in front of the kinect in favor of news like this?

Avatar image for darthrevenx

Solitaire, Minesweeper, Hearts & Freecell are the best games MS ever made LMAO

Avatar image for MindTricked

I'm not exactly pleased with Microsoft after the Anniversary Patch. I used to have the Windows 7 game versions up and running, but the Anniversary Patch killed their functionality. Now, if I want to play Solitaire (because I do it more often than I'd like), I'll either have to deal with ads or go purchase a pack of cards and play it like my father before me. Curse me and my first world problems.

Avatar image for xdeathclawx

@MindTricked: How did this work?

Avatar image for MindTricked

@xdeathclawx: Can you be more specific?

Avatar image for xdeathclawx

@MindTricked: I used to have the Windows 7 game versions up and running, but the Anniversary Patch killed their functionality.

Avatar image for MindTricked

@xdeathclawx: Ah, got ya. The program or whatever I'm using was updated to work with the patch, so I downloaded the new exe and it works fine again. Bing "windows 7 games on windows 10" (quotes unnecessary) and it's like the first or second result.

Avatar image for Jinzo_111887

@MindTricked: Or look into alternative versions. Here:

Avatar image for darthrevenx

@MindTricked: a pack of cards is cheap though, $2 if that and endless entertainment, meaning you can lay many many games using that one deck.....don't scoff analog that the right term?? eh, don't knock tried and true games like old fashioned cards.....

Avatar image for MindTricked

@darthrevenx: I'm long-overdue for a pack of cards. I misplaced the last deck(s) I had back in '08 or so, and haven't replaced them.

Avatar image for zinten

@MindTricked: why not play with one of the many free solitaire game available instead?

Avatar image for MindTricked

@zinten: Oh, what I had *was* free. I just hate that it stopped working - had all my old settings and high scores and whatnot.

Avatar image for Spitznock

Hey whatever man, solitaire is awesome.

Avatar image for lorikat

Solitaire is never boring!

Avatar image for PETERAKO

Boring? BORING!? How dare you talk like that for solitaire! Culah dooty, crysis nor titanfall even come close the heart pumping action and intencity of solitaire!

Avatar image for darthrevenx

@PETERAKO: you forgot intensity.....Lolz, IDK WTF Intencity is.....LMAO

Avatar image for yogibbear

I play it with a pack of cards :/ Does MS track that too?

Avatar image for darthrevenx

@yogibbear: yes, via the Kinect camera.....

Avatar image for Carpetfluff

Boring? You wish as many people read your articles as play that 'boring old' solitaire.

Avatar image for method115

This isn't surprising at all. This is just new cause now MS can track this sort of stuff. I always catch users playing solitaire when I go to fix their PC.

Avatar image for SecretPolice

Mater Race putting those top tier GPU's to good use. lol :P

Avatar image for domiddian

Lemme guess; they're all office workers?

Avatar image for Arsyad00

this is why we bought our PC in the first place!!!!!!

Avatar image for ChunkyDrawers

Solitaire mmo when?

Avatar image for Red_hot_smasher

Hang on, Microsoft Solitaire has fucking achievements now and will have actual competitions with actual prizes?! Wait, am I reading GameSpot or The Onion LMFAO

Avatar image for kyelo

I play, a non Windows version, of solitaire on my phone all the time...good time passer so no surprises about the Windows one being played so much.

Avatar image for deactivated-5a3920d6b9003

Solitair, Minesweeper and stuff are the only games I can play at work. I guess thats the main reason for this huge player numbers.

Avatar image for wtf_666

This will be the next BIG thing for VR!!! Want to play ancient games with a facemask on? If so, pick up a VR system today.

Avatar image for AlvinFox

You mean the Solitaire game that no longer comes standard in Windows? The Solitaire game I need an internet connection to play?

Avatar image for Keaze_

@AlvinFox: Lol really? Oh boy boy.... Microsoft.

And they wonder why we won't buy their shit.

Avatar image for Hurvl

Well, it's free, has no bugs, no microtransactions and lots of replay value, so it has got lots of things going for it.

Avatar image for PETERAKO

@Hurvl: You forgot about the best, most accurate card models around.

Avatar image for Dark_sageX

I play solitaire on my phone all the time lol.

Avatar image for kim_jong-un

I play Solitaire all time and never lose - Kim

Avatar image for thegamingnerdz

@kim_jong-un: ahhhhh glorious leader

Avatar image for edwardnygma

@kim_jong-un: Glad you are back. :)

Avatar image for moonco

@edwardnygma: Kim has always been with us lurking in the shadows hehe

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