Windows 10 Update May Have Broken Backups For Some Users

A February patch for Windows 10 has caused some issues, with users reporting that they can no longer use the File History feature.


Installing those pesky Windows 10 updates usually helps your computer run better, but some users are reporting major issues with the operating system's February update. According to several sources like Windows Latest, the update apparently breaks Windows 10's File History feature, which is the system's default backup solution, allowing users to store files on other drives.

Complaints have appeared on Microsoft's community forum as well as Reddit, with one Windows Latest commenter saying that the update caused their backups to mysteriously fail. Upon uninstalling the update, File History began to work again. Users have reported that the File History menu behaves sluggishly and fails to respond, and when they finally click the button to activate the backup, an error message appears. If you're experiencing the issue, it appears that rolling back the update is your best option.

Other users have reported additional issues with the February update, particularly around webcam functionality. While Microsoft says that it's working on that issue, it appears that the company hasn't yet acknowledged the File History bug yet, so let's hope that it starts working on it soon.

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