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Windows 10 Costs $120 If You Can't Get a Free Upgrade

That's the same pricing as Windows 8.


Microsoft's upcoming operating system Windows 10, which now has a final release date, will be free for many existing Windows users during the first year after release. But for people who don't fit the criteria or elect to wait until after the free period, how much will they have to pay for a license? Now we know.

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A Microsoft representative confirmed to GameSpot sister site CNET today that Windows 10 will start at $120 for the Home version, while the Pro edition will sell for $200. People who want to upgrade from Home to Pro can purchase a Pro Pack for $100.

This is the same pricing as Windows 8.

The Windows 10 free upgrade offer is being extended to all Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 PC and tablet users. According to a NetMarketShare survey, those two versions make up 74.1 percent of all PCs today.

For more on upgrade eligibility for Windows 10 ahead of its release on July 29, be sure to read CNET's in-depth guide.

Windows 10 integration for Xbox One will debut sometime "post-summer."

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