Windows 10 Aiming to Reach 1 Billion Devices by 2018

Windows 10 launches this summer.


Microsoft is setting its sights on a major milestone for Windows 10. The company said today during its Build conference in San Francisco that it's aiming to have 1 billion devices running the new OS by 2018.

"Within two to three years of Windows 10's release, there will be 1 billion devices running Windows 10," Microsoft VP Terry Myerson said during the keynote address, as reported by GameSpot sister site CNET.

Windows 10 launches this summer (the end of July, if AMD is right), and will be available as a free upgrade for existing Windows users for PC and mobile devices. The new operating system also has a renewed focus on gaming.

Also at Build today, Microsoft revealed the name of its Internet Explorer replacement for Windows 10 and announced a new partnership with Unity for HoloLens.

For lots more on everything announced at Build, be sure to read CNET's extended coverage. The event runs through Friday, so keep checking back for even more news from the show.

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By "1 billion" do they mean the regular 1 billion, or the new Microsoft OS numbering system, which translates it to 900 million?

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Going by their cycle by that time Windows 11 should almost be out.

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make it free.. 1 billion by 2016 :)

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Hopefully, it has good backward compatibility. I still have some very useful programs (including games) that were made for Windows XP and Windows 7. I don't want to buy new programs just for Windows 10. I know MS said Win X will have an amazing DirectX 12, but I hope that's reality and not sales hype.

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Am I the only one that doesn't have an issue with the tiles?

But anyway, it's not outside of the realms of possibility for them to reach 1 billion, if you take into account all the different kind of devices that you can install Windows 10 on.

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The only they will pull this off is by (a) forcing new PC purchases to ONLY allow Windows 10; which is what they tried to do with Windows 8 and failed, when they back-pedaled and allowed PC manufacturers to start offering Windows 7 again...and (b) enterprise licensing deals with big corporations that use Windows OS throughout the company. It'll take until 2018 for companies to move to it anyway.

Even with those two aspects, they're still going to have a tough time reaching 1 Billion, I think. But, I guess if you add in Surface and smartphones, it might actually be doable.

Personally, I'm done with MS devices (actually never started)...I have an old Windows 7 tablet that I still use. But, never had a smartphone (never will) and I've ditched their consoles this generation. My PC is Windows-based, but not enthusiastic about upgrading. I don't have a single device with Windows 8 on it even.

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@otterbee: I have a Windows tablet (paid $120) for Skype and Office purposes and it probably will get upgraded to 10, I have Windows on my gaming PC and guest PC (for people that comes over and wants to use the computer) but I use Linux otherwise. I've been gaming more and more on my Linux PC lately, games are becoming a lot more playable and available for the platform (thanks to SteamOS).

Each day I'm moving further and further away from having a reason to use Windows, but I'll just leave it on my gaming PC in case there's a good game that comes out.

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@otterbee: Really?

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Windows 10 doesn't support windows gaming

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@abhisheknerdy20: Dumbest comment in this thread so far. It'll support gaming and 100's of other things. Greatness is coming....


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@abhisheknerdy20: Why would you say that?

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Im buying a windows phone next, im done with android and i have to use an apple iphone for work, there is little difference anymore and nothing stands out between the two.

The ability to have my xbox one, my phone, and my PC things be allover makes me excited for all the possibilities. I am even saving some money and getting a surface pro 3 and ditching my laptop and ipad air.

I think they are bringing this right at the right time, with ipad in decline and the surface taking off. It may be time to buy some MS stock.

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@liquorandgunfun: I just bought a Lumia 930, great phone! really happy with it. Previous was a Nexus 4.

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@kkdrummer@liquorandgunfun: Yea, the phone has gotten pretty nice in the last year. I think Nadella has a lot to do with that in making changes based on user feedback. Ballmer had more of a "take it or leave it" attitude.

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hum...apparently no one of you saw MS' presentation yesterday....It was massive...don't know about 1 billion devices, but they are working really hard and well to make sure that users and developer can easily access the new OS.

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@kkdrummer: Why watch the presentation when you can read about it on a gaming site.

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Yeah i dont see that happening

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@eternaldragoonx: Greatness is coming.


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Microsoft "aims" at 1 Billion with everything they make though.

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Not a big deal when you free a most pirated piece of software.

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You will be so disappointed.

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@xsonicchaos@father_newell: No one will need to pirate it. People will be less disappointed if it's FREE.

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Hahahahahaha that's funny

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Unless it's Windows 8 all over again...

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If or not they reach they will say. Where not giving any more support to windows 10 as windows 11 will be out.

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you know i will genuinely be surprised if they get 1 million people to use it over the next 3 years let alone 1 billion.

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@neowarrior793: It's being loaded onto 10+ million XB1's in July, so I think 1 million is a given.

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@neowarrior793: They've already beat that in just the preview release.

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@neowarrior793: How many people use Windows 7? They are going to upgrade for free because Windows 10 is ten times better.

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@xhawk27@neowarrior793: how do you know it is 10x better?

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@Warfighter_971@xhawk27@neowarrior793: Because it's called Windows 10.... :=)

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@xhawk27@Warfighter_971@xhawk27: i thought it was 20(10+10)

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@Warfighter_971@xhawk27@Warfighter_971: Yes the Power of 10!

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@xhawk27@Warfighter_971@xhawk27: Guys, get real - its 1.43 times better...

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@validifyed@xhawk27@Warfighter_971@xhawk27: You got the numbers mixed; it's 3.14 times better.

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They made the same 1 billion projection with the X360 btw.

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@lostn: I don't believe you/

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@xhawk27: well, not exactlywith x360, but they said it << LINK REMOVED >>

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@igorphoenix@xhawk27: Didn't Mattrick make that dumb prediction? Where is he now? lol!!

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@igorphoenix@xhawk27: It's already getting close to 100 million on the 360.

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Can we remove/hide the tiles? I %#@^ hate those things

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@Moonco: Actually, I believe you can. One of the tst videos from someone in the preview program showed that you could customize it. You can have the normal start menu and options (Windows 7), the app style (Windows 8), or a combination of both. Things might change between now and then, but it looks like MS will finally be about giving choices.