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Windblown Is The Next Game From Dead Cells Developer Motion Twin

As a Leaper, you'll have to battle back against some uninvited gusts in Windblown.


Between debuts for upcoming games and announcements for expansions to several blockbuster titles, The Game Awards also saw the reveal of Windblown from Dead Cells developer Motion Twin. The trailer was mostly cinematic with small snippets of gameplay, but overall, the multiplayer co-op looks cute and gruesome. Windblown will be launching on Steam early access in 2024.

According to the developer, Windblown will allow players to become Leapers, powerful warriors fighting to save their home, the Ark, from the mechanical forces of the Vortex. Sticking to its windy theme, players can dash across stages and each run will have several secrets to discover when you're not busy being challenged by the Vortex's minions.

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Leapers can absorb the memories of warriors who fell in battle, and they'll need to use this power to master their fighting styles and discover their true potential. Players can swap between multiple weapons while in the heat of combat, giving them the ability to adapt on the fly. The more memories they uncover from their travels, the stronger and more complex weapons will become as they slowly level up into powerful killing machines.

Windblown can be played solo or with up to three other players in co-op, and Motion Twin says that you can expect to die a lot along the way until you nail that one perfect run. "We were craving a lightning-fast combat roguelite, but it simply didn't exist," the developer said in a press release. "So, we rolled up our sleeves and crafted the game we yearned for; one that lets us dive into the action on our own, and with friends, whenever the mood (or too much pain) strikes!"

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