Win A PS5 Or Some PlayStation Bling In New Community Event

Participants in Sony's latest event can win a set of rings shaped like PlayStation's iconic shapes.


Sony is starting a new community event based on its extremely weird chess-themed ad from earlier this year. Titled Seize the Throne, players can work together to earn PSN avatars or an exclusive PS4 theme. Players can also answer a series of trivia questions for a chance to win some big prizes, including a PS5 or even a set of PlayStation-themed rings.

Seize the Throne is currently running and ends on November 18. A majority of the event is community-based, awarding players points that are then dumped into a larger pool for completing small actions. Playing a game for an hour, for instance, will earn players 10 points, while earning a gold Trophy will earn them 20.

The event has three stages as well, with the first rewarding players with two PSN avatars at 25 million points, the second giving them five more avatars at 100 million points and the last rewarding participants with another three avatars and a dynamic PS4 theme at 160 million points.

Admittedly though, PSN avatars and themes aren't that exciting. The event kicks up on a notch on November 17 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET, when three skill-based questions will be made available to players. Depending on which question they answer correctly, players can win either a PS5, a Pulse 3D wireless headset and $100 PlayStation Store gift card, or a set of King's PlayStation Shapes rings. While 35 PlayStation 5 consoles, wireless headsets, and gift cards are prepared to go out to different winners in separate countries, only three sets of rings are available for participants to win.

If PlayStation jewelry isn't that appealing, Balenciaga recently released a clothing line in partnership with Sony based on the console. Just be aware that some of the items actually cost more than buying a PS5 itself.

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