William Shatner Brings His Voice to Elite: Dangerous

You can pretend like your ship AI is Captain Kirk (for a price).


A new voicepack is on the way for space game Elite: Dangerous, and it features a performance by the man responsible for Star Trek's iconic Captain Kirk, William Shatner.

Known as Orion, the voice pack features more than 1,300 phrases, according to a listing on HCS VoicePacks. You can hear a sampling of these in the videos above and below.

Orion is due out on April 8 for 10 GBP (about $14), but you can preorder it now through the HCS website, which enters you to win various prizes. These include photos signed by Shatner, signed copies of his book about Leonard Nimoy, and exclusive artwork from developer Frontier.

In order to make use of the voice pack, you'll need a copy of both Elite and the VoiceAttack software, which costs $8.

Elite will be a launch game for Oculus Rift when it's released later this month, Frontier recently announced. The Rift-enabled version will be available to current owners of the game for free.

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I hope those of use who can only play on the X1 will get this. I wish my pc was better, I mostly want to play subnautica. :( Damn quad core.

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I see GS mentioned the Oculus version which is nice of them but they didnt mention that the game already works in SteamVR too.

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There's....... athing....... atthecenter......ofthe......universe......

It's Shatner riding his horse.

Srsly though, pretty cool.

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Not many voices that can charm any video game AI to surrender relinquish control :)

Kidding, okay William Shatner doesn't talk like that here, it's still awesome though..

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Shatner should do more VO work, he sounds great here......

Brent Spiner would be another great voice......if we're considering classic Sci-Fi actors......or folks who've done classic Sci-Fi in the past.....

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@darthrevenx: He did it, its there. Brent Spiner can also be an AI in Elite

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Awesome. Do want.

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Would rather it be Leonard Nimoy. RIP.

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@mrmusicman247: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vR7JtILMOdY the closest you'll ever get, sadly.

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I will buy it just for the voices and use them for Star Citizen(Or something else, hell maybe I'll use it for W10 voice commands). Already own Astra for ED, but I find ED boring. I thought Astra would make it a more enjoyable experience, actually Astra was pretty much the only fun thing about it at that point and it was just a pack for VA.

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@Smosh150: I have astra as well. after playing elite with the Dev Kit 2 of the rift it was the only way to play since you can't see your flight stick or keyboard. Astra added alot to the game for me... will be getting this for sure.