Will your Internet be fast enough to stream PlayStation Now?

Sony discusses early bandwidth requirements and image quality of PlayStation Now streaming service.

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Sony's Sid Shuman has said PlayStation Now users will require a 5Mb/sec Internet connection for a "good experience" with the streaming service.

Is your Internet connection up to the task? Note that 5Mbps does not mean megabytes (MB) but rather megabits, so if you can achieve solid and consistent download speeds of 1MB/sec, then you should be set. It's also worth remembering that real-life connection speeds are often quite a bit lower than what Internet service providers advertise.

Shuman notes that this should be enough for "most games" over the service, but that the company will monitor, tweak, and potentially alter its recommendations after it launches its PlayStation Now beta later this month. Demos of the service at CES have been using The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls as examples.

Speaking of the image quality, Shuman notes that "pixel counters and graphics aficionados might spot some minor concessions in the visual department, such as compression artifacts," but adds that the image is "consistent" with HD Internet video or Remote Play on the Vita.

Sony formally unveiled PlayStation Now this week at CES, promising a service set to roll out in the US this summer that will allow users to stream PlayStation games to their PS4s, Vitas, and 2014 model Bravia TVs. The cloud streaming tech is built upon Gaikai, which Sony paid $380M to acquire back in 2012.

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