Will Xbox One Controllers Work On Xbox Series X?

Compatibility is a key part of the Xbox Series X design, so don't get rid of your Xbox One controllers.


In keeping with its mission to put players, not just a device, at the center of the "Xbox experience," Microsoft has confirmed that not only will existing Xbox One controllers be compatible with the Xbox Series X, but the brand-new Xbox Series X controller will also work on the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. The Xbox Series X will also be compatible with the Xbox Adaptive Controller, an accessibility peripheral designed to provide more customizable input options for players with disabilities.

Xbox One and Xbox Series X Controller Compatibility

  • Xbox One Controller will also work on Xbox Series X and Series S
  • Xbox Elite Controller will also work on Xbox Series X and Series S
  • Xbox Adaptive Controller will also work on Xbox Series X and Series S
  • Xbox Series X Controller will also work on Xbox One, Windows 10 PCs

This principle of backwards compatibility on the Xbox Series X has been core to its marketing in the lead-up to its November 10 launch, so rest assured if you recently invested in a new Xbox One gamepad, it won't be totally obsolete come this holiday season.

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In fact, there's no reason to not still be in the market for a new Xbox One controller, even with next-gen coming up. If you're unsure about the new design of the Xbox Series X controller until you have one in your hands, or you just still love the feel of your existing gamepad, we have a roundup of all the best Xbox One controllers compatible with the Xbox Series X. Microsoft recently showed off the new Series X "robot white" controller, but we don't know the individual pricing just yet--which is another reason you may want to stick with current-gen controllers.

With the launch of the Xbox Series X and its lower-priced Series S version just a few months away, you may want to check out our Xbox Series X preorder guide for info on when and where you'll be able to reserve yours early.

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