Will Wright interested in games that intersect with players' lives

SimCity creator teases development ambitions, says building experiences around a person's life can make gaming more mass market.


SimCity creator and industry veteran Will Wright has given a tease about what kinds of games he would like to make in the future.

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Speaking during the Game Horizon conference this week (via Games Industry International), the designer said he is particularly interested in "basing games in reality" as a means to "capture a wider audience."

"I'm very interested in how we build a game around a player's life….I want to figure out how to bring games back into everyday reality, games that intersect with players' lives," he said.

Not only did Wright speak about his personal ambitions, but he also said the time is right for the industry to blossom, thanks to a proliferation of talented designers.

"We have a much bigger crop of skilled designers than we ever have," he said. "Some of the greatest designers out there are just getting their start right now."

Wright recently made headlines for his comments about the recent SimCity launch, calling it "inexcusable." The game was marred by server woes at launch in March, but has sold over 1.6 million copies life-to-date.

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