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Will The Incredibles 3 Take Another 14 Years To Make?

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"It's best not to talk to the mom who's just delivered a child about, 'How about the next child?'"

It took 14 long years to get a second Incredibles film from Disney/Pixar. However, it seems as though the latest installment in the superhero franchise didn't miss a step. As GameSpot's Incredibles 2 review points out, the new film is a worthy sequel--and just might be even better than the original.

It's also well on its way to earning Disney/Pixar's best opening weekend at the box office, with $18.5 million in Thursday night domestic preview screenings. That news comes via Deadline.

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With seemingly everything working in its favor, it's only natural to wonder what happens next. After all, Pixar wouldn't wait another 14 years to revisit the Incredibles universe, would it? There have been three Cars movies since the first Incredibles movie hit theaters, proving the animation studio isn't afraid of sequels. You should stop reading now if you haven't seen Incredibles 2, as we're going to discuss spoilers.

So when should fans expect Incredibles 3? "Yeah, don't go there," writer-director Brad Bird tells GameSpot. "It's best not to talk to the mom who's just delivered a child about, 'How about the next child?' Don't do it. Don't do it, man."

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Given that Bird and his team are just now closing the book on Incredibles 2, it's easy to understand why he's reticent to discuss another sequel. However, there are plenty of opportunities to explore in the new film. Whether it's the introduction of a new generation of supers or the fact that the Underminer is still at large, there are plenty of plot threads to address in another movie.

However, the biggest "unexploded bomb," as Bird refers to it, is Jack-Jack. The youngest member of the Parr family has a ton of crazy superpowers, and the writer-director teases there may be even more to see beyond what's in Incredibles 2. "He's all potential, right?" Bird asks.

Whatever the case, another Incredibles movie seems like an obvious road for Disney/Pixar to go down. As for when it will happen, that's anyone's guess.

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