Will Smith Will Host A New Variety Comedy Special For Netflix

Smith will present the new special for the streaming platform, which will feature guests, music, and sketches.


Will Smith is set to host and star in a new variety comedy special for Netflix. This is Smith's latest project with the streaming giant, following this year's political documentary series Amend: The Fight For America.

Netflix states that the variety special will be released worldwide later this year, and will feature "surprise celebrity guests, noteworthy conversation, fresh comedic sketches, huge musical performances, and more." No further details have been revealed, so we'll just have to speculate about who these celebrity guests and musical performers are for now.

In other recent Smith news, it was reported that Smith's new movie Emancipation had pulled out of filming in Georgia due to the new controversial voting laws in the state. Georgia has become a popular state for Hollywood production due to the tax credits available there. Smith is also set to star in a Netflix movie titled The Council, in which he will play notorious Harlem crime boss Nicky Barnes.

Smith's special isn't the only high-profile variety special in the works for a streaming platform. James Gunn is making a Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special for Disney+, which he will direct at the same as the third movie in the hit Marvel series. The Guardians holiday special is due for release in late 2022.

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