Will Rock E3 2003 Preshow Report

Ubi Soft's over-the-top first-person shooter will be on display at E3.


Ubi Soft will have its colorful first-person shooter Will Rock on hand at this year's E3. The game will let you play as Will Rock, an archeology student who discovers that he's actually a demigod inbued with the power of the Greek titan Prometheus.

In the game, you'll seek revenge for the murder of your mentor, though you'll find later that you'll also need to rescue a mortal woman betrothed to the Greek god Zeus before the two can marry; otherwise, the out-of-control god will attain supreme power over the world of mortals.

It follows logically, then, that you'll run through 10 different, colorful levels inspired by ancient Greek mythology armed with 11 different weapons, such as a flaming crossbow and a devastating nuclear atomic gun. Along the way, you'll fight about 15 different and bizarre kinds of monsters, including four challenging boss monsters. Fortunately, you'll have access to various runes; pick-up items that will modify your abilities, including items that grant invisibility, and that most terrible divine power of the ancient Greek pantheon: quad damage. The game's levels will also feature a great deal of interactivity, thanks to developer Saber Interactive's game engine, which will allow for real-time deformation and shattering of objects and characters. Will Rock is scheduled for release later this year.

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