Will Red Dead Redemption 2 Have DLC? Take-Two Responds

"It is a very lucrative model for us."

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Rockstar Games indicated that it might release story DLC for Grand Theft Auto V, but it never came to be, which surprised and upset some fans. Will Rockstar release DLC for its next big game, Red Dead Redemption 2? It's too soon to say for sure, but Take-Two executive Karl Slatoff said during a meeting today that DLC is a "very lucrative" business model for the company.

"Across the board, we do see downloadable content as an interesting business model for us," he said during a Cowen & Company conference today in New York. "It depends on a game-by-game basis whether that makes sense."

"Rockstar has specifically said that's something they would contemplate in the future but hasn't made any specific announcements about Red Dead or any of their other games going forward," he added. "It is a very lucrative model for us; it is a very compelling model for consumers because it allows them to continue to engage in the game in a way they are used to engaging with the game."

GTA V's multiplayer mode, GTA Online, has been and continues to be monumentally successful, which may explain why Rockstar has focused more on that than single-player content. Not only that, but IGN reported recently that every Rockstar studio around the world was contributing to Red Dead Redemption 2's development, so resources might be stretched already.

GTA V has shipped an astonishing 95 million copies, so it certainly seems like there would be a business opportunity to launch extra content for the game. That being said, GTA Online brings in lots of money on a regular basis, so it's not tough to see why Rockstar would want to focus more on GTA Online.

In October last year, Rockstar design director Imran Sarwar explained that it was "not really a conscious decision" to not release single-player expansions for GTA V. Instead, it "just happened" to work out that way. For GTA V, "We did not feel single-player expansions were either possible or necessary, but we may well do them for future projects," Sarwar said.

Red Dead Redemption 2 launches on October 26 for PS4 and Xbox One--and it absolutely will not be delayed again.

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Avatar image for martinsmith1986

I don't understand this attitude at all. RDR2 is one of the best games I have EVER played. Game changer for me.

The single player itself can give you 150 hours gameplay. Which game does that? Without boring you to death? I mean come on! And in a month you are getting a free mp addition to this masterpiece?

Everybody that moan about Rockstar and their plans for this game - you are ridiculous! Or jealous that you can't play it. I cannot find another reason for this bullshit.

There are 2 big companies that are still "for the player" and taking us seriously - Rockstar and CDP RED.

There rest is trying to sell you the same game/idea ,every year over and over again and you keep on buying it :)

Avatar image for metsuri


It wouldn't have been an issue had they not initially planned SP DLC for GTAV and scrapped the idea. As far as I am concerned, that is false advertising as I expected Single Player support. Not only that but they used to give the new items to Single Player in the stores and such, then they suddenly stopped giving residual rewards to single player all together likely to push shark cards and online play so that one has to grind them longer.

CDPR is leagues better than Rockstar. Witcher was insanely long and that didn't stop them from adding Blood & Wine which was basically a full game itself and Hearts of Stone which had essentially the best villain of the game.

Rockstar thinks purely in terms of monetization and necessity. Hence their words that they didn't think it was necessary to add SP DLC... It doesn't matter if it's necessary. A huge proportion of their players are Single Player gamers. I do not go to Rockstar, Bethesda, nor CDPR for multiplayer.

If they are going to create long gaps in development to support online, then I EXPECT offline SP support rather than waiting 10+ years between titles...

Avatar image for happycamper1979

Bullshit. Gta v needed single player dlc. The online aspect was not fun at all. It's a greed move because people are stupid enough to buy fake money.

Avatar image for asneakypoptart

Yeah, hollow, low quality and low effort DLC like they had in GTA Online. Can't wait. I'll be picking this up used sometime next year for the single player because we all know what route they're going to do when it comes to DLC.

Avatar image for playstationzone

Why can’t open a new studio and get them do mange online dlc and then other studios do story dlc just get more money and make everyone happy .

Avatar image for deactivated-5c1c32e0b8cc8

Grand Theft Auto V made me lose faith in Rockstar Games. I will wait 6 months after release before I even think about buying Red Dead Redemption 2 to see what kind of direction it will go. If they focus 100% of their energy towards online like they've done with Grand Theft Auto V, then I will definitely pass and give up on Rockstar as a whole.

Avatar image for Vodoo

@jayskoon93: That doesn't make much sense. GTA V has an extremely long and robust single player game. It's not like they skimped on single player to focus on mp. They just focused on mp AFTER they finished the game and launched it.

Avatar image for deactivated-5c1c32e0b8cc8

@Vodoo: But after the story was over, that was it. There was no more. The Online portion continues to grow to this day, but single player was practically abandoned on day one. I really hate multiplayer games. I like single player games and I always have. Every prior GTA having that quality first and foremost is one of the many reasons I loved the franchise, but with V that was fully reversed and I am not okay with that. If Red Dead Redemption 2 pulls the same shit, I can not support that direction.

Avatar image for SoNin360

Can't wait to see how much in equivalent real world currency it will take to buy a horse

Avatar image for rikku45

DLC to change the first games ending

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

If RDR 2 has a strong online community which is akin to GTA:Online and the microtransactions in that sell well then the future of DLC for single player is unlikely. From a business perspective they would only need to bring people back to the game via added content if RDR's online mode fails.

Avatar image for furiouswk

meh. this will probably blow

Avatar image for yeezer

@furiouswk: What, RDR2? You gotta be kidding, Rockstar will deliver and it will get 10/10 across the board like usual. To much money, talent and time for them to not make a great game

Avatar image for playstationzone

Telling truth what do to RDR2 online because thing is it can’t do a lot in RDR2 became it’s not gta . Only way to sell RDR2 online is doing a Battle Royale. They won’t be any story dlc for RDR2 unless put zombies again.

Avatar image for sephirothswing

Simply put; "we got mtx, we don't need dlc anymore"

Please, god, please let Red Dead Online be a completely different experience to that of GTAO, especially with the whole pay-to-win aspect, making money on GTAO was a massive chore at launch and I really do not wanna have to deal with it again, RDR was one of the games I played online for the longest amount of time next to Halo or GTAIV.

Avatar image for twztid13

If RDR2 MP catches fire, you can bet they'll pass on the opportunity to give fans what they want again.

Avatar image for dashaka

Basically “fu*k you we’re not giving back to the community, we’re not giving you single player DLC because the multiplayer is making us tons of money”.

I play GTA online regularly, and love it, but f*ck take two for not giving us SP DLC as well.

Avatar image for ender003

@dashaka: I never beat the campaign, but did the ending leave room for follow-up stories?

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

@ender003: To an extent, yes.

Marston was killed and his son, Jack, followed up the death when he was a few years older with the revenge kill on the corrupt Sheriff Edgar Ross.

The game could have continued after that theoretically with Jack becoming an outlaw but it was 1912 at this time (as I remember) and the Wild West as it was, was giving way to the modern era we know.

Avatar image for ender003

@gotrekfabian: I was referring to GTA5.

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

@ender003: Oh, my bad. That would have been tough to follow up on due to Franklin having the choice to take the money at the end and kill off Michael and Trevor or share the money and have them live.

Avatar image for USDevilDog

Take 2, the parent company of 2K Games? You bet there will be DLC; in fact, a string of micro-transactions should be expected. Have you played the NBA 2K games lately?

Avatar image for oneligas

Renaming shark cards into fool's gold or some other westernized name probably took less time than it takes to say billions in multiplayer micro transactions

Avatar image for pavelbure

@oneligas: Bear cards.

Avatar image for Barighm

Did I fart today?

Avatar image for DantheMan9856

lol, why is this even an article or a question? Yes, it will have DLC...

Avatar image for redhedjack

From Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, BioShock, and Borderlands.... to this.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

You think Take Two will skip any opportunity to extract cash from its customers!?

Avatar image for mrdinghat

Take 2 doesn't even pretend to be anything other than a soulless corporation who only cares about numbers rather than customers.

Avatar image for Barighm

@mrdinghat: They put out good games, though.