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Will Microsoft sell off its Xbox business? It doesn't look likely

Xbox boss Phil Spencer says Microsoft--from the top down--is "very committed" to the Xbox business.

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Some Microsoft shareholders, including cofounder Paul Allen's investment group, have called on Microsoft to sell off its Xbox business as a means to boost profitability. Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, who now runs the Xbox business, was even reportedly interested in unloading the Xbox unit. But the Xbox faithful can rest easy, because any potential sales sounds pretty unlikely.

Asked by a fan on Twitter if Microsoft was committed to supporting the Xbox platform for the long haul, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said, "Yes, very committed." Support for the Xbox business is strong across the company "from the top of Microsoft to the Xbox teams," Spencer said.

According to previous comments from Spencer, new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is a "good supporter" of Microsoft Studios and the Xbox business unit itself.

Allen's investment group, Vulcan Capital, maintains that though the Xbox business has been successful, it's also detracting from Microsoft's core competencies, namely corporate customers. It's unknown if Microsoft has entertained any offers for the Xbox business.

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