Will Ferrell Almost Wasn't In Wedding Crashers

We might have been denied the words "Mom! The meat loaf!" were it not for a last-minute addition to the script.


Actor Will Ferrell has a small role in Wedding Crashers, but it was a memorable one. He plays Chazz Reinhold, the mentor of Vince Vaughan's character, Jeremy. When we meet Chazz in the movie, he's living with his mother, eating meat loaf, and wearing a kimono. He's moved on from crashing weddings and is now even more of a scumbag who crashes funerals to pick up women.

The scene comes in the final act of the movie, and director David Dobkin told EW that it provided a "rocket boost" to the movie's conclusion. But it was not part of the original script, and Ferrell almost was not involved.

The idea for the scene came weeks into shooting, when star Owen Wilson thought it would be a funny idea to have his character crash a funeral. Wilson had created the Chazz character and referenced him in the script, but he wasn't planned to ever be shown in the 2005 comedy.

"What if you wanted to go see this guy to get some advice and he was crashing funerals? And you think all of this sounds really dark and you're really at your bottom, but when you go with him and you're at the funeral, it feels all wrong and you realize you should be by your friend's side. And so Owen kind went and wrote that scene," Dobkin said.

As for casting the role of Chazz, Dobkin said Ferrell was a top choice, but they weren't sure if they would be able to land him. It was midnight on the night before the shoot, and the deal still wasn't finalized, Dobkin said. But the deal was eventually made, and Ferrell came in to shoot his scenes, which were completed in one day.

"He got in in the morning, he read it, and he came out with his kimono on and the nunchucks, which was Owen's idea that he have those around his neck," Dobkin said. "[Will] was like, 'You want me to wear this?!' He was very laid back in the first take and I remember looking at him and I just said, 'I think he' a little crazier."

"He was like, 'Oh, I know what you mean,' and he did it again, and I was like, 'Maybe more?' I mean, I really believe that I directed him by just saying 'more' until he had that fifth take and that is the whole take that is in the movie. It was one of those things that you shoot and you’re like, 'Is this really going to work?' It's a pretty weird sequence," Dobkin explained.

Dobkin has been asked many times over the years to make Wedding Crashers 2, but he's turned down every offer. He has a new idea for a sequel, but it remains to be seen if it will be made.

Dobkin's latest film is Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, which reunites Wedding Crashers actors Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams. The movie is out now on Netflix.

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