Will Black Widow Still Come To Theaters? Disney CEO Weighs In

Disney's CEO says it will be a "last-minute" decision about whether or not to release Black Widow in cinemas.


Disney's CEO, Bob Chapek, has responded to the ongoing question of whether or not Marvel's Black Widow will release in theaters in May or not. Speaking on Bloomberg TV, Chapek said Disney will make a "last-minute" call about whether to keep Black Widow on the schedule for a theatrical release in May or make a change.

"We're waiting to see exactly how guests respond to these re-openings [of movie theaters]," Chapek said, referencing how cinemas in New York and Los Angeles just re-opened. "We're going to remain flexible. We'll make the call, essentially probably at the last minute in terms of how these films come to market, whether it's Black Widow or any other title."

Again and again in the interview, Chapek said Disney's goal is to "remain flexible" and respond to what consumers want. Releasing movies in cinemas is not the only path forward, he said.

"We're going to remain flexible. So much is changing. We'll be watching very carefully and make the call when we have to," he said.

Also in the interview, Chapek said the pandemic has further accelerated changes in consumer behavior as it relates to movie-watching.

"There are some fundamental consumer changes going on, where people are becoming, let's say, impatient. They want to see movies the way they want to see them, when they want to see them, and how they want to see them," he said.

Chapek said he has been "thrilled" by the response to Disney+'s Premiere Access program, which allows users to pay to watch new movies on top of their subscription. The first title to launch in this program was Mulan. However, whether or not Premiere Access remains a part of Disney's strategy going forward will depend on what consumers want and how they vote with their wallets, Chapek said.

Going back to Black Widow, the film remains on the schedule to release on May 7 in theaters, which is one year after it was originally pegged to debut before it was pushed due to the pandemic.

While you have to wait a bit longer to watch Black Widow, Marvel's new TV show The Falcon and the Winter Soldier premieres this Friday, March 19, on Disney+.

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