WildTangent adds RuneScape ads

Publisher to handle around-game commercials for JAVA-based massively multiplayer online game.



While advertising for companies like Coke or Sony Home Entertainment in the middle of a medieval fantasy game like RuneScape might not be appropriate, online game publisher WildTangent is going to start putting those ads around the JAVA-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

WildTangent today announced a deal with RuneScape developer Jagex to handle around-game advertising for the MMORPG. The game will still have free-to-play and subscription-based options, with the advertising coming in the form of pregame loading-screen ad placements. Nonsubscribers will also see persistent ads that sit at the top of the game window during play. The publisher has also said there will be rich media ads on the game's daily news page.

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