Wild Arms 4 let loose in retail

Xseed's PS2 RPG marks publisher's first game to market; latest chapter in series features new HEX battle system, characters, and storyline.


It didn't take long for Xseed to plant its first product in retail. The publisher, founded last November in Torrance, California, proudly announced today that Wild Arms 4 has shipped to retailers in North America for the PlayStation 2. Xseed's second title, Shadow Hearts: From the New World, hits shelves in March.

Wild Arms 4, which was previously released in Japan, is once again based in the role-playing series' familiar setting of Filgaia. A new cast of characters is led by Jude Maverick, a young man living in the floating, isolated town of Ciel. His peaceful life is interrupted by a band of intruders and their prisoner, a girl named Yulie. After the invaders destroy Ciel, Yulie, Jude, and two others join forces to find out the intruders' true intent.

The new HEX battle system combines turn-based strategy with fast-paced action. Gamers can also perform several action elements (like the double jump), speed up and slow down time, and solve puzzles.

Wild Arms 4 is rated T for Teen and sells for $39.99. For more information on the game, check out GameSpot's recent hands-on or check back later today for a full review.

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