WiiWare demos, Spin Master hit Nintendo marketplace

Nintendo Store Update: Trials for already released titles ready to download from virtual storefront; Virtual Console welcomes 1993's NeoGeo title.


No Caption Provided The temperature in some parts of the United States is dropping with each passing day, but the action in Nintendo's virtual marketplace is heating up this week.

Nintendo today announced that beginning this week it will offer demos for WiiWare titles. The samplers will be available to download for zero Wii points and more trials will be added in the coming weeks. Demos added to the hub today are for already released titles like And Yet It Moves, Bit. Trip Fate, Jett Rocket, and ThruSpace.

Switching to the Virtual Console, Nintendo today added Spin Master (900 Wii points, or $9) to the download space. Originally released in 1993 on the NeoGeo, the action side-scrolling title sees players control Johnny, an adventurer trekking to retrieve a stolen treasure map and rescue his girlfriend.

Spin Master zips back to action today.
Spin Master zips back to action today.

Arriving on WiiWare today was Snowpack Park (800 Wii points, or $8). From Nintendo, the one-to-two player title sees players controlling their Mii characters and saving stranded penguins following a mighty storm. However, saving the penguins is just the first step. After collecting lost penguins, players must make sure they give each penguin enough attention, so they will not become angry and leave the park. To achieve this, players must feed, pet, and play with the creatures to keep them happy.

Transitioning to DSiWare, Nintendo added three new titles this week, the first of which is Tetris Party Live (500 DSi points, or $5). The game puts the classic game in the pockets of gamers and lets them play in four distinct modes: Marathon, Computer Battle, Versus Battle, and Duel Space. The title also sports an online mode, where up to four players can battle using a broadband connection.

Also debuting on DSiWare this week was Supermarket Mania (500 DSi points, or $5). Players are cast as Nikki in this time-management title. Players must keep five grocery stores stocked to the brim with the supplies customers desire. The title boasts 50 levels, an Endless Shift mode, five shops, seven distinct customer types, and more than a dozen items to sell.

The last DSiWare title arriving today was Music On: Electric Guitar (200 DSi points, or $2). From Abylight, the game morphs the DSi into a guitar, where the stylus is the pick. The title sports multiple pedals for those wishing to change up their sound, including distortion, flanger, and delay. The title also includes an advanced play mode, where players can take their skills to the next level with arpeggios, melodies, and multiple chord variations. In total, Music On: Electric Guitar boasts over 950 chords and the ability to save up to 10 recording sessions.

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