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WiiWare assailed by Zombie Panic, Kung Fu Funk

Nintendo Store Update: Virtual Console-free week offers shooter and minigame compilation, while DSiWare picks up host of puzzle games.

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Nintendo might have given the Virtual Console the week off, but the publisher still brought seven new titles to the Wii and DSi as part of its weekly update. Zombie and kung fu fans have a pair of titles to check out on WiiWare, while DSiWare now has a host of new puzzle and sports games.

Akaoni Studio's Zombie Panic in Wonderland leads the WiiWare slate for 1,000 Wii points ($10). The anime-inspired third-person shooter sees players gunning down onrushing zombies with a variety of weapons in a city environment. In Kung Fu Funk, Stickmen Studios has attempted to capture the campy 1970's martial arts movie aesthetic. The kung fu-themed minigame compilation costs 500 Wii points ($5).

Even zombies panic went lit on fire.
Even zombies panic went lit on fire.

Nintendo is heavy with new puzzle games on DSiWare this week. Hands-On Mobile's Bloons sees gamers strategically popping balloons for 500 DSi points ($5). The game includes 70 different stages, as well as a level editor. Cinemax's Sokomania costs just 200 DSi points ($2) and challenges gamers to rearrange crates into a specified order in as few moves as possible.

Bounce & Break, from Enjoy Gaming, is a variation of the classic arcade hit Breakout, where players repeatedly smash bricks with a ball across four Asian-themed levels for 500 DSi points ($5). In 1,001 Crystal Mazes Collection, gamers push jewels to a goal. The game's 1,000-plus levels get progressively more complicated, and the game costs 500 DSi points ($5).

Dtp Entertainment's Crazy Golf rounds out the week. The four-player golf game includes seven courses, as well as six hole type, and it costs 500 DSi points ($5).

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