Wii wows Japan investors

Nintendo scores victory on the Nikkei, just days ahead of the Wii's launch in North America.


Nintendo shares hit a record high on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Wednesday as investors looked favorably on the upcoming Wii launch. Buoyed by reports that the Kyoto-based console maker would have almost five times the number of Wii units ready for its December 2 launch than Sony had for last week's PlayStation 3 launch in Japan, shares of the company closed up 3.2 percent at 26,750 yen (a little less than $227). In addition, Nintendo said it plans to ship 1.5 million units of the DS in December (in Japan). Reuters said Nintendo shares have climbed 88 percent since the start of the year, outperforming the Nikkei average, which has climbed only 0.8 percent. Intraday trading saw shares trade as high as 26,770 (slightly more than $227) yen, a record high for the company.

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