Wii VC KOF'd, DSiWare Scrabble-d

Nintendo Store Update: NeoGeo The King of Fighters '95 joins Brain Drain and 5 Arcade Gems on console; portable gets speed-spelling bee, DSi Camera-based shooter, and Ferrari GT: Evolution.

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If it's Monday, it must be time for Nintendo to update its various online stores with new digital wares. This week sees the Wii get three new titles and its smaller sibling the DSi pick up five. The highest profile title is The King of Fighters '95, originally released on the NeoGeo in the mid-1990s. Costing 900 Wii Points ($9), the Virtual Console game features characters from the Fatal Fury, Ikari Warriors, Psycho Soldier, and Art of Fighting series in three-on-three team battles. Rated T for Teen, the game is published by D4 Enterprise and supports up to two players.

Nintendo uploaded two WiiWare titles as well this week. The first, Enjoy Gaming's Brain Drain (WP500/$5), will task players to reassemble a selection of 200 puzzles in a timed challenge mode, a competitive race mode, and a casual random mode. The second, Nordcurrent's 5 Arcade Gems (WP700/$7), features five offbeat arcade games: The fantasy actioner Templar Bashing; the self-explanatory Pizza Jungle Delivery, the racer RC Buggy Madness, the sci-fi shooter Whirling Rangers, and the backwoods puzzle game Lumberjack Trials.

Play it again…for the first time.
Play it again…for the first time.

Over on the DSi side, gamers can get their wordplay on with Electronic Arts' speed-spelling bee Scrabble Slam! (500 DSi points/$5). Other Ocean Interactive's Puffins: Let's Roll (DSiP500/$5) tasks players with reuniting puffin eggs with their parents. Electron Jump Games' Don’t Feed the Animals sees children use homemade robots in a real-time strategy battle with hungry wildlife.

Neko Entertainment's DodoGo! (DSiP800/$8) has players saving dodo eggs during a fictional prehistoric era where dinosaurs and explosives exist simultaneously. Last but not least, System Flaw Recruit (DSiP500/$5) is a fictitious training simulation that prepares players against a looming alien invasion. The game will use the DSi's camera to turn actual environments into game levels, but publisher Enjoy Gaming did not say exactly how the 500-DSi-point game would do so.

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