Wii U Pokemon Fighting Game Pokken Tournament Characters Leaked

Standard Mewtwo is also coming to the game.

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New fighters from the upcoming Pokken Tournament have been leaked in a Japanese magazine before their official reveal. Classic Pokemon fans will be happy to know that standard Mewtwo will be playable in the Pokemon fighter.

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CoroCoro Comic, a monthly manga magazine, was leaked early, revealing the new characters. Fire fox Braixen, the dragon type Garchomp, and the classic legendary Pokemon Mewtwo will be playable when the Wii U fighting game releases in March. It was previously announced that a new Pokemon, Shadow Mewtwo, would be playable. The full image can be seen below (via Serebii).

It's also revealed that Garchomp will be a Power category Pokemon that will use moves like Sand Tomb and Dragon Rush. The magazine also shows its mega-evolution Mega Garchomp. Braixen, on the other hand, will focus mostly on range attacks, using moves like Fire Blast.

It was revealed last month that a special controller for Pokken Tournament would be releasing for the Wii U. Unfortunately, it's only coming to Japan at this time. The grass lizard Sceptile was also confirmed as a fighter.

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