Wii U getting price cut September 20

32GB model dropping to $300 effective next month in US and Europe; Wii U Basic model will be phased out; Wind Waker HD bundle revealed.


The Wii U is getting a price cut on September 20.

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Nintendo announced today that the struggling system will drop to $300 for the 32GB version in the United States and Europe. The 8GB Wii U Basic model will be phased out.

In addition to the price cut, there will be a new Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle, which will debut on September 20.

This bundle will include a digital copy of The Wind Waker HD redeemable immediately and ahead of the game's October 4 retail launch date. The bundle will also feature a custom GamePad with Zelda graphics, as well as the digital version of the Hyrule Historia book.

The Wind Waker HD will be available digitally on September 20 for all consumers, not only those who purchase the special bundle.

Nintendo also confirmed that the current 32GB Wii U bundle that features Nintendo Land as a pack-in game will remain on the market.

The Wii U has struggled thus far, selling 160,000 units worldwide in the April-June quarter and 3.61 million units overall. Nintendo is aiming to boost sales by releasing a steady stream of marquee titles.

Nintendo dated several of these games today, including Super Mario 3D World (November 22) and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (December 6). The company also announced a brand-new handheld: the Nintendo 2DS.

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Avatar image for twizzickle

I wish Nintendo realized they should've made the system $249 and $299 from the start and subsized the losses to peak interest. cuz with such low sales its a joke in the game dev world sadly :( I own a wii u and its great way to interact with games, but sadly devs won't jump on board until they see lots of people owning one

Avatar image for Stesilaus

Wii U (32GB) + rehash of 11-year-old game: $300.00

PS3 (500GB) + Grand Theft Auto V: $270.00

I'd like to see the Wii U survive and become a viable option, but it won't if that's the best deal that Nintendo can offer. :-(

Avatar image for Glongold

@Stesilaus For me I would rather buy a console with a game that actually ends. GTA V is perhaps too deep to really enjoy as a gamer than simply marvel as a spectator at how "life-like" it is.

Avatar image for Shango4

@Stesilaus fail troll.GTV is the same as the original only with better graphics.

Avatar image for UltraredM

@19James89 @youngzen69

Recovery from an absolutely abysmal 53k-sales-per-month is not going to quick, or anywhere near quick, and possibly won't happen at all. Don't sweat it, though, some products are a hit (like the Wii), others are a miss (like the Wii U). Nintendo will learn from their mistakes, lick their wounds, and move on.

Avatar image for UltraredM

I wouldn't be interested in the Wii U if it was free. Just not interested in what they are selling, and this is coming from a longtime Nintendo fan.

Avatar image for twizzickle

@UltraredM the touch controller is actually really cool. Its just sad no one is developing for it.

Avatar image for Glongold

Here's how I see things shaking out. Most gamers will have two gaming platforms no question. Speaking for next-gen from most common combo to least here's what I see happening:

1) PS4/Wii U

2) PS4/Xbox One

3) PC/PS4

4) PC/Wii U

5) Xbox One/Wii U

I think Wii U stands a chance to grow its install base because it serves best as supplementary platform offering different experiences. The competition will mimic the Wii U with their tablet platforms but the advantage Nintendo has it that the Gamepad comes with it. Not every gamer will own a tablet; and assisted gaming through a smartphone is a waste of battery life.

Avatar image for Megavideogamer

Dropping the price of the Wii U deluxe set to $300.00 is a smart move. With the PS4 cost just 50 bucks more than the old Wii U price. Nintendo had to drop their asking price. The 8GB model being discontinued is a smart move. Those who bought one have a collectors item. So Nintendo had no choice on this one. So at least they can have the cheapest 8th generation console at $300 compared to Sony $400 and Microsoft at $500 this Christmas season.

Avatar image for kohle36

This will probably push me over the edge. Now please Nintendo, fix your digital download service so I can tie my games to an account.

Avatar image for fyor

i want one.....dont have that kind of money yet....i must buy food first then a wii u :)

Avatar image for QingJao86

The more and more I think about it, the more and more I think the Wii U is the way to go for me. This is for one main reason, the types of games I play. I don't play first person shooters and rarely play third person shooters... that makes PS4 XB1 just seem irrelevant. True they will also have some sports games (which I sometimes play), if recent history is anything to go buy, they will continue to be just as good on last gen consoles for a few more years. I greatly prefer games like Mario and Zelda, in other words imaginative (not sure if that is the right word, but close enough) games... and the only way to get games like that is on the Wii U. Add to that a cheaper price tag... I don't get why I should get another console now. Yea they have some good features... but I would rather have a system that releases 1 game a month that I like that 20 a month that I couldn't care less about.

Avatar image for dariusq

The price drop is a good move but it doesn't change the fact that Nintendo still needs more software available, 1st party or otherwise.

Avatar image for mattress805

I havn't bought a Nintendo system in years but releasing a game digitally early, like they're doing with the Wind Waker, seems like an excellent incentive for people to buy digital.

Avatar image for lostn

For $199 Premium, it would be an impulse buy for me. Otherwise, we'll have to wait and see if they make anything compelling for me.

Avatar image for enoslives7

Too little, too late. Make room in the bargain bin for the wii-u.

nintendo needs to go 3rd party game publisher ASAP.

Avatar image for pyro1245

@enoslives7 hmm... Zelda for pc.... I could get on board with that

Avatar image for ResidnetEvil777

@enoslives7 I read your comment laying down, and when I did your picture first looked like a plane, then an eye ball looking up, then i noticed... it was a gun...

Avatar image for JuleyJules

Keep dreaming. Nintendo will never be a 3rd party publisher.

Avatar image for abHS4L88


Then the videogame industry can crash afterwards.

Avatar image for GSJones1994

@enoslives7 http://playeressence.com/nintendo-doomed-hardly-addressing-the-wii-u-sales-problems-and-hate/

Avatar image for GSJones1994
@enoslives7 = Michael Pachter
Avatar image for St0rmgazer

Nintendo's been around for 124 years now. They'll be around for a long time to come.

Avatar image for WantYouBad

300$ bundle with Smash Bros or Mario Kart in 2014! SOLD!

Avatar image for veryDERPY

didn't reggie or iwata say something about not worrying about price? BOPPED

Avatar image for Mac8457

Save $50 and get a digital copy of Zelda WW HD... Maybe it is finally time.

Avatar image for youngzen69

Nintendo first let me begin by saying that this 50 dollar price cut bundled with a digital copy of Wind Waker HD is a positive step in the right direction. I applaud that move and as a result you will get increased sells this holiday season. Unfortunately compared to the other to consoles which are much more capable Blu-Ray, hard-drive, superior specs, and a ton of third party AAA titles a 50 dollars price cut is still too conservative for what one gets hardware wise. A 100 dollar price cut putting the deluxe Wii U at 249.99 would have been and is the sweet spot.

Avatar image for 19James89

@youngzen69 $299 is a good selling price, they don't need to go any lower and the Zelda WWHD bundle will sell this holiday season. It will be a roaring success and will set the Wii U well on its recovery.

Avatar image for franzito

Still, I'm not inclined to buy.

Avatar image for deactivated-5ae060efb3bf6

Good move if they want to be on the shelf when the big boys battle it our in a few months.

Avatar image for 19James89

@Triton Yeah because Nintendo are a small time games company aren't they? Nintendo are bigger than Sony and Microsoft combined.

Avatar image for corrus

@19James89 @Triton Big cos they are GREEDY SB they know only to take money not to give even Microsoft and EA are much better than them

Avatar image for 19James89

@corrus I still don't understand what you are saying? By your definition all businesses are greedy because all businesses exist to make profits, because if they don't, the business closes down. It's quite simple! Are you greedy for earning money?

Avatar image for translucent17

glad to see if I had waited a year I could've bought the wii u for a discounted price or bought it with the ww remake/ custom controller.....instead I got it launch week for full price and watched it collect dust with no games. thanks Nintendo. Nintendo should give anyone who bought a wii u at release time a free digital copy of ww.

Avatar image for bunchanumbers

@translucent17 or a digital download voucher for a free game of your choice. I think it would be huge for nintendo if they did that.

Avatar image for 19James89

@bunchanumbers They should issue an apology if nothing else.

Avatar image for PinkFloyd2003

I've been waiting for a price drop or more games to come out before I commit but am I the only one who thinks it's kind of dumb to announce a price cut 1 month in advance? Shouldn't all the their sales sink even lower for the next 30 days? Aren't we all just kind of waiting for the new price to kick in?

Avatar image for 19James89

@PinkFloyd2003 If their sales drop and then increase drastically when the Zelda bundle comes out, it will even itself out surely?

Avatar image for bunchanumbers

You know what I like about nintendo games? when you get them they are complete. You don't have to worry about having to buy a season pass which try to milk you for another 40 bucks for a bunch of DLC and skins. This reason alone is making me consider just ignoring ps4/X1 and get Wii U for the exclusives and PC for everything else.

Avatar image for corrus

@bunchanumbers LOL and what games have Nintendo this things are for real games not flash and mobile games

Avatar image for 19James89

@corrus Well that made a lot of sense.

Avatar image for da_chub

That's the way in going. I'll get a ps4 someday, but there is just too many good games for wii u coming this fall.

Avatar image for BlendThree

Hmm I'm doing all I can to be strong when it comes to Wii U in favor of Sony and Microsoft's next gen offerings but have to admit that these price cuts are enticing.

Avatar image for 19James89

@BlendThree I had pre-ordered a PS4 and then I looked at the launch line up and the games they announced and it was only Knack and The Order 1886 that grabbed my attention, then I watched Nintendo's E3 Conference and I went shortly afterwards and bought a Wii U.

I'm suffering from gaming fatigue, I'm fed up of playing all these generic games on the PS3 and at least with Nintendo I know I'm getting games which give me the most enjoyment and that's what gaming is all about having fun at the end of the day.

Avatar image for Mark_HD

@19James89 @BlendThree Almost the same thing happened to me, I fell for all the PS4 hype at E3 and pre-ordered one, but now that I realized all the launch window titles are lame I cancelled and will buy this Wii U Zelda Bundle instead.

Avatar image for 19James89

@Mark_HD You cannot go wrong with the Wii U. It's refereshing just to be able to play games that are colourful, vibrant and fun.

I get fed up of playing depressing games, with depressing colours and a real lack of fun due to their interactive movie-esque storyline and their QTE rubbish.

I won't buy a PS4 or Xbox One, that's for sure.

Avatar image for anybodykilla15

@19James89 @BlendThree knack looked lame and linear as ****, the order? what was shown other than what they game will look like? and the ps3 has tons of gems, not sure about the uncharted series I own the 3rd but never played it (freebs)

spot on about Nintendo though

Avatar image for 19James89

@anybodykilla15 Playstation 3 had a lot of good games on it, I had fun playing Rayman Origins, Cod 4, Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, Dishonored, Bioshock etc, but none of those games give me the same type of fun that games on the Wii U have given me.

Avatar image for tightwad34

Just like the 3DS. An early price cut to set the tone for the inevitable spike. History does repeat itself and it will again. I don't have and won't have a Wii U, but Nintendo's past says to me they will be just fine. I do have a 3DS and it is easily one of the best consoles out there.