Wii U games $60

Nintendo marketing executive reveals official MSRP for first-party software to be on par with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


NEW YORK CITY--Wii U games will cost $59.99. Nintendo director of product marketing Bill Trinen told GameSpot today that the MSRP of first-party software for the company's new high-definition console will be on par with that of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Wii U games will be $10 more expensive than Wii games.
Wii U games will be $10 more expensive than Wii games.

A $59.99 price point for Wii U software represents a $10 increase from that of the Wii's $49.99 asking price. Nintendo shot down previous speculation that Wii U software would cost $100, calling the price tags associated with various retailer listings "fictitious."

In addition to confirming the software MSRP for Wii U games, Nintendo announced today that the Wii U itself will arrive on store shelves November 18 in North America. The system will be available in two bundles: a $299 8GB white basic model and a $350 32GB deluxe black version.

The Wii U will arrive in Europe on November 30, with a Japanese launch following on December 8. For more on today's Nintendo news, check out GameSpot's full report.

GameSpot's full interview with Trinen will go live tomorrow. In the discussion, Trinen touches on messaging mistakes Nintendo made with the Wii U, why Nintendo believes the Wii U's launch lineup is its best ever, and more.

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