Wii to Ware Final Fantasy, Pokémon in Japan

Nintendo's original-game download service to get exclusive new installments in Crystal Chronicles, monster-collector franchises.


Nintendo has been mostly mum on its original-game download game service WiiWare since the service surfaced in June. Up until this point only a pair of games from off-the-radar developers have been announced for WiiWare: Medaverse's Gravitronix and Bplus' Plattchen: Twist 'n' Paint.

Ready to take the wraps off its nascent service, the House that Mario Built announced during its Nintendo Conference 2007 Fall that its internally developed Pokémon Bokujou (aka Pokémon Farm) as well as Square Enix's Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles would be available for download exclusively through WiiWare in Japan. Nintendo did not indicate whether these games would be available in regions outside of the island nation. The publisher had not responded to requests for comment as of press time.

Speaking with GameSpot, an international Square Enix representative confirmed that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, subtitled The Small King and the Promised Country, will be available in Japan this March. No hard details on the offering were revealed, though the representative confirmed that the game skews more toward strategy than role-playing.

An international rep for Nintendo also confirmed to GameSpot some details on the tentatively titled Pokémon Bokujou. Players will be able to raise on a farm the Pokémon found in the Pearl and Diamond Nintendo DS games. Nintendo also noted that the game will focus exclusively on the Pokémon creatures, and not feature other characters from the franchise.

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