Wii to Cry Far with a Vengeance

Ubisoft officially names its forthcoming game for Nintendo's next-gen console--which sounds a lot like a reworked Far Cry Instincts Evolution; first screens inside.


Far Cry

In August, Ubisoft announced it was readying a Wii Far Cry game for the console's launch. Would it be a port of Far Cry Instincts Predator (Xbox 360), which was a semiport of Far Cry Instincts (Xbox), which was itself a spin-off of the original Far Cry (PC)? Or, would it be an all-new game featuring beleaguered antihero Jack Carver, who dodged mercenaries and monsters on a remote island research lab/fortress in the aforementioned games?

Now, Ubisoft has finally offered gamers their first peek at the Wii Far Cry, which as rumored, will be titled Far Cry Vengeance. However, though Ubisoft claims the game has a new story, the plot outlined sounds very much like that of the Far Cry Instincts Evolution expansion.

Like Evolution, Vengeance starts out with Carver dealing with the aftermath of Instincts, which saw him become the subject of some Island of Dr. Moreau-style experiments. As a result, Carver gained some animalistic abilities--abilities that come in handy after he's lured onto a(nother) jungle island by a femme fatale for a shady deal. In a film noir-meets-Rambo twist, the deal goes wrong, Carver is framed for murder and hunted across the island by a rebel army.

While on the run, Carver defends himself with a variety of weapons--all of which will take advantage of the Wii's motion-sensitive controllers. Ubisoft mentioned two, a machete and machine gun, which will use the Wiimote and Nunchuk to hack and aim, presumably. The controllers will also be used for such activities as feral melee attacks, throwing grenades, driving, jumping, and climbing, though Ubisoft did not say exactly how.

In addition to the single-player campaign, Ubisoft also mentioned that Vengeance will have the same "chaos" multiplayer deathmatch mode as the Xbox and Xbox 360 Far Cry titles. The release did not mention whether or not the Chaos mode would be playable offline, online, or both--an Ubisoft rep said a clarification would be coming shortly. No other multiplayer modes were mentioned.

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