Wii Sports Resort, Wii Party $40 as of April 25

As retailers cut cost of Nintendo's console, the House of Mario discounts two of its top titles effective next week.


This morning saw the Wii get a bit more affordable, with major retailers lopping $30 off the price of the formerly $200 console. The price cut comes on the heels of rumors that the console, which debuted at a price point of $250 in 2006, will be marked down to $150 come May 15.

Wii Party will be just $40 starting next week.
Wii Party will be just $40 starting next week.

On top of that rumored discount comes hard confirmation Nintendo is trimming the cost of two of its top titles for the Wii. Today, the House of Mario announced that effective April 25, both Wii Party and Wii Sports Resort will cost just $40, down from their current list price of $50. The latter title comes bundled with the Wii MotionPlus add-on and is also currently bundled with the Wii console itself at no extra charge.

Well reviewed by critics, Wii Sports Resort features a variety of Wii MotionPlus-enabled games, including skydiving, nerf-katana swordplay, water scooter racing, and a throw-and-fetch minigame involving a dog. The equally warmly received Wii Party features 13 game modes and over 80 minigames on a single disc, each of which incorporates a player's Mii avatar into the gameplay.

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