Wii Sports Resort sells 1.25M, gets second MotionPlus pack-ins

Nintendo's limited-edition $59.99 minigame compilation offers pair of precision-enhancing add-ons beginning Oct. 12; Wii Sports sequel hits US milestone, peripheral sells 2.9M.


Nintendo of America vice president of corporate affairs Denise Kaigler spoke with GameSpot yesterday following the publisher's announcement that it would be cutting the Wii's price tag to $199 as of September 27. As part of that interview, Kaigler noted that Nintendo, along with its third-party partners, is actively at work on "leveraging that technology into other games."

Nintendo is doubling up on the Wii MotionPlus.
Nintendo is doubling up on the Wii MotionPlus.

Today, Nintendo announced its latest effort to increase the installed base of the Wii MotionPlus accessory, announcing a new Wii Sports Resort bundle. Beginning October 12, Wii Sports Resort will include two Wii MotionPlus add-ons at the $59.99 price point--up from the standard $49.99 peripheral package. The Wii MotionPlus stand-alone offering carries a $19.99 price tag, translating to a $10 savings on the bundle, which will be available in limited quantities.

Through August, Wii Sports Resort has sold more than 1.25 million units in the US, according to Nintendo. The publisher also noted that Wii MotionPlus sales have reached nearly 2.9 million units. That figure encompasses units included with Wii Sports Resort, as well as the 257,000 that came packed in with EA's Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 and 1.36 million stand-alone units sold.

Support for Nintendo's precision-enhancing peripheral has thus far been spotty. In addition to the already-released Wii Sports Resort and EA's Tiger Woods and Grand Slam Tennis, notable Wii MotionPlus-compatible games on the horizon include Ubisoft's Red Steel 2, James Cameron's Avatar, and Academy of Champions. However, few other developers have announced support for the peripheral.

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Avatar image for OctavianZarda

@dRuGGeRnaUt, I love how your comparison is between a Wii with a bunch of extra stuff added and a 360/PS3 with no extras added. Of course the Wii is more expensive that way.

Avatar image for dRuGGeRnaUt

let me get this straight: $200 for the console one wiimote. then 3 wiimotes - $44(canadian) x 3 = $132 nunchuks and classic controllers - $24 x 7 = $168 Wii motion + - $20 x 4 = $80 = $580 + tax =$649(canadian) $650 for that "whole family experience" .. **** and people call microsoft expensive + greedy y'know, for that price look what you can do: Xbox 360 elite = $299 PS3 Slim 120gb = $299 that's the same price, and if you're smart both those packages will have AT LEAST one game with them...

Avatar image for dRuGGeRnaUt

.. well of course they are selling lots of Wii motion +.. It's because everyone expected the controllers to work that way from the beginning, but as we know, THEY CERTAINLY DO NOT! *haha* .. honestly maybe they can release a "wii motion + +" that automatically adjust the sensitivity so when the light levels change in my house i dont have to CONSTANTLY re-calibrate the thing.. oh wait that will be the Wii PLUS

Avatar image for finsfanz13

I played this at a gamestop store and I was thrilled at the different choices of minigames it had. It looked and sounded awesome. I want it bad...

Avatar image for kca89

Lame. I spent the extra $20 buying a second WM+ when I bought this game.

Avatar image for SonicDBZRacer

Red Steel 2 comes with the Motion Plus, so I'll wait until that game comes out.

Avatar image for huntervaneg

I want it! Just waiting the right moment to get it!

Avatar image for Get_Shorty

I didn't get it when it first came out (good thing) I wonder if I can preorder it online somewhere.

Avatar image for Dualmask

That bundle sounds great. I'll be all over it.

Avatar image for Hvac0120

Our Wii purchase has basically been justified with Wii Sports (the original). Since then we've purchased Mario Party 8, Mario Kart Wii, Tomagachi, and (for me) No More Heros. These games have been enough for us. The kids play their games over and over again. The whole family enjoys Wii Sports. I have considered putting down for Wii Sports Resort. This deal makes it more enticing. I don't want to feel like I need to pay another $40 out on 2 more MotionPlus's so all 4 controllers can use that functionality. That's $100 for a basic game. I am still considering it, though because I know that over time we will put enough hours into WSR alone to justify the purchase. Even if there is a lack of support for Motion+. _

Avatar image for 9thedevilmaycry

lucky i waited:)

Avatar image for teknic1200

All I can say is wm+ works. I've put over 300 hours on my wii motion plus now. most going to TW10, now NHL 2k10 will put a ton of hours on it! after spending 6 hours on NHL 2k10 with a CC pro I discovered exactly how much better motion controls can make a game. wow, it's night and day the game becomes immensely more intuitive to control. motion controls really can make games play better. This bundle is a great deal. that extra 10$ is still 1/2 the price of the technology.

Avatar image for snarple_basic

Wow there soooooo nice!!!! Give us a 2nd motion plus thing but at the same time decide to throw on an extra $10 price tag!!! I remember when bonuses didn't cost anything extra!!!! GREEEDDDDDYYYYY BAAAASSSSSTTTTARRRRDDDDSSS

Avatar image for Dumfanboys15

I swear Nintendo is doing something big and i mean BIG. Two words. New Console.

Avatar image for Saphire_Kitsune

I hope Nintendo as least offers a $10 wii motion plus deal (through amazon or something) to those who have already bought the game and registered it. :/

Avatar image for trw534

i hope this game is good

Avatar image for GCwasthebestsys

good games? Super Mario Galaxy is only the best game of this current generation hands down (and i own a ps3 and used to own a moneybox)

Avatar image for deactivated-5cb1dc46da997

Wii Sports Resort should come bundled and replace the now-useless Wii Sports. I would much rather prefer that for the regular $250 price than get Wii + Wii Sports for $200.

Avatar image for SiD_N64

Give me some good games to use it with. Then maybe I will get it....

Avatar image for Sonicplys

Nintendo FTW!!

Avatar image for dogpigfish

Wii Sports Resort is pretty good. I keep passing back and forth between that and ODST. Don't knock it until you try it.

Avatar image for mrklorox

@ NyGin07: "so does that mean the guitar hero series is shovelware? they crank them out non freakin stop..." YES. That's exactly what that means. GH feels like shovelware, because the devs don't care about the actual product. Whereas RB doesn't because it feels like the devs are actually musicians and believe in what they make. Neversoft is about capitalizing on an existing IP. That's all they've ever done, aside form the atrocious Gun.

Avatar image for mrklorox

Aw, I bought Tiger 10 for my second WM+. I would have rather gotten two with my Resort.

Avatar image for NyGin07

"freakalator in his infinite wisdom said "Those sales numbers are proof that mini games & shovelware are nintendo's new motto" You're a genius...not really. How many EXCLUSIVE games that you know of on the PS3 or 360 have sold 1 million plus in that little time? Shovelware means companies are pushing it out. Sales means people are buying. There's a difference. Shovelware...maybe "shovel in the money"-ware." so does that mean the guitar hero series is shovelware? they crank them out non freakin stop...

Avatar image for NyGin07


Avatar image for black_ice23

nintendo gives a deal and all you see is whine whine jeeze ever heard of dont have anything nice to say dont say anything? but seriously why come on topic just to hate, dont like wii dont come on it simple, i dont like jonas brothers but i dont go on their site and hate, stay away from what you dont like but i like this deal, makes it more worth it,and ill cash in sooner rather than later

Avatar image for dekusnake


Avatar image for halojp23

i got a wii when it frist came out thought it was allsome but now its gathering dust it does not have no games i like still will get wii sports had so much fun with the first one.

Avatar image for deactivated-5ae060efb3bf6

Glad I held off on this purchase. May have to make the purchase and hook the Wii back up after about a year. Problem is too many really better games coming out next month on the other systems.

Avatar image for Harerazer

freakalator in his infinite wisdom said "Those sales numbers are proof that mini games & shovelware are nintendo's new motto" You're a genius...not really. How many EXCLUSIVE games that you know of on the PS3 or 360 have sold 1 million plus in that little time? Shovelware means companies are pushing it out. Sales means people are buying. There's a difference. Shovelware...maybe "shovel in the money"-ware.

Avatar image for Payback7

I will be getting sports resort at some point. :)

Avatar image for iandizion713

this is a great bundle for two motion+ if you have 1 already..i am tring to get 4 and now i will only have to buy 1 more at regular price. I hope NBA2k10 will support this..it will be the game i play most online other then Call of Duty.

Avatar image for freakalator

Those sales numbers are proof that mini games & shovelware are nintendo's new motto

Avatar image for fif

The sales aren't so weird. There are 50M wii owners, but the wii came out in Nov of 2006. 50M people aren't going to suddenly buy the same thing. Some will wait for a sale/promotion, some will simply get it later when they feel like it, and some just aren't interested. As of right now, 6% of all wii owners have this game. That's within 3 months and the console has been out of 3 years. Wii Play was a top seller month after month for 2.5 years straight all because of the included remote. Sales on this game will probably sustain in the long run as people liked wii sports and more motion+ games will come out in the future.

Avatar image for deactivated-57fce817a4cf5

It's a great little game. I am surprised at the sales though. 50 million Wii owners and it only sells to a fraction of them. Strange.

Avatar image for Saphire_Kitsune

Ack! No fair! Wish I knew about this BEFORE I bought the game. -.-;

Avatar image for thetravman

40$ game with 2 20$ accesories. You pretty much get one for free. Me likes. Too bad I already bought the game with an extra M+.

Avatar image for kiramasaki

@Trix i dont care how well a wii mote can simulate a sport that i can play in real life @mods, quit being such little b*tch*s and warning each time a valid opinion is made- or is that people are not allowed to have comments that go against your articles - i dont know how saying the wii motion is an inferior facsimile of real life is something you have any business modding me for

Avatar image for Mr_Tweedy

I could not possibly be less interested.

Avatar image for PatchMaster

Works for me. I was gonna buy the game and an extra + at some point anyway. Wonder what "limited quantities" actually means though...

Avatar image for Fallen119

They should build motion+ into the wii motes

Avatar image for sean0883

The first bundle was a savings of $10 already. Probably even $20 since it was $50 (the cost of most games), but since it is nothing but mini-games 40 is fair to ask for it and you can safely say the original was a $10 savings. This bundle coming with 2 m+ and being $10 more is a savings of $20, not $10.

Avatar image for Tauu

Only 2.9M Wii Motion Plus units have sold when there are 50M+ Wiis out there. Nintendo has a hard enough time getting third party support for the Wii and now they want them to support this add-on device that few people have? Good luck with that one.

Avatar image for Slaughtahouse

Rather have a wimote + motion+ instead then 2.

Avatar image for deactivated-5cd05fa50bb7d

@ Trogeton Was that a joke or something? lol Wii sports selsl more then any another game for one. First wii sports came with the darn system. 2nd people wanted the wii motion plus, so they bought the wii sports resort. and the wii sports series is fun, and really shows the the wii can do.

Avatar image for Darth_Nater307

They should've just packed in two in the first place. Besides, who plays "Wii Sports" by his/herself?

Avatar image for hatieshorrer

Ok Nintendo youve conviced me Ill buy the two motion plus Wii sports bundle.

Avatar image for Trogeton

wii sport games sold more than any other wii game, that's shocking why??

Avatar image for wahyudil

2 wmp in one ... I hope I can get one ... luckily I forgot to but the bundle last time...

Avatar image for chappy_man

dang, and i already bought the extra one

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