Wii Speak Channel OK'd for used purchases

Nintendo reverses position on secondhand voice chat device, now offering codes for soon-to-be-launched hub through customer service centers.


With the launch of Animal Crossing: City Folk last week, Nintendo unplugged Wii owners' collective ear holes with Wii Speak. The device, which comes packaged with Nintendo's life-simulating title or as a $29.99 stand-alone offering, introduces online voice chat to the Wii, letting the din of one roomful of gamers reach a similarly situated pack elsewhere.

Wii Speak
Wii Speak

Shortly before Wii Speak's launch, it appeared as if the device's integration had hit a small snag. Nintendo plans to launch the Wii Speak Channel next month for those who wish to use the chat device outside of a game. To access this channel, gamers would have to enter a one-time-use code packed in with the device.

And therein lies the rub, as Nintendo reportedly told MTV that Wii owners will not be able to obtain a new code for a used microphone, and that the Wii Speak Channel will not be available for purchase through the Wii Shop Channel.

However, that now appears not to be the case. In a statement issued to GameSpot, Nintendo claims that Wii Speak Channel codes can now be obtained through the company's customer service center.

"Nintendo can confirm that when consumers purchase the Wii Speak accessory, they are provided with a Wii Download Ticket with a unique number. The ticket, which can be redeemed via the Wii Shop Channel, will enable the user to download the Wii Speak Channel free of charge to a single Wii console," reads the statement.

"Any consumer who may have misplaced their Wii Download Ticket number for the Wii Speak Channel or require a new number following a Wii exchange may contact their local Nintendo Customer Services department, where they can request a replacement Wii Download Ticket number."

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