Wii Sims get Mii-ish makeover

Trailer and screens reveal that EA's popular franchise will sport a too-cute look on Nintendo's new console.



Adorable? Or horrible?
Adorable? Or horrible?

The Sims series is no stranger to taking different approaches on different platforms. Exclusive features can be found in the different versions for each console--an attempt to play to each platform's strengths. However, even between platforms, the game has maintained a fairly consistent look.

That is all changing with the upcoming Sims game for the Wii. On the Sims 2 Web site, EA announced that a new Sims game is being developed exclusively for the Wii. EA doesn't reveal much more, saying only that more details are expected in the coming months and a trailer and screenshots are available at the game's official Japanese Web site.

Gameplay footage of the upcoming game, titled "Boku Sim" (translation: "Town for Me and Sim"), shows a very different looking group of digital characters from the cast of The Sims 2. The anime-styled designs are reminiscent of the Wii's cartoonish Mii avatars and appear to be aimed at the Japanese market.

The Web page and video are all in Japanese, but the trailer and a quick translation appear to reveal that the basic Sims-type gameplay is intact. As in other Sims games, players will build houses and explore the neighborhood with created characters.

Diehard Sims fans have spoken out, and many are appalled by the new-look Sims. GameSpot member "fedgem" says, "I'm not a hater of The Sims or Nintendo, let's get that out of the way. But this looks so sacchrine [sic] sweet that I want to vomit."

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