Wii Shovelware Game's Name Revived for 2K's First VR Project

2K knows you miss all those Wii minigame compilations, so it's bringing one to Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive.


If you were worried you'd seen the last of Wii-style minigames, then fret no more. 2K announced today that it's bringing Carnival Games to the Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, and HTC Vive.

Carnival Games VR is everything you remember from the Wii's glory days of bargain-bin minigame compilations, except this time, it's in virtual reality. It features 12 different games including Shark Tank, where you throw balls in an attempt to dunk people into a water tank, presumably full of sharks. Yes, it sounds like you can commit murder in the next entry in the Carnival Games series.

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Other games include Haunted House, in which you shoot targets while in a moving cart; Fast Pitch, which has you acting as a baseball catcher; and Funnel Cake Falls, where you're tasked with catching funnel cakes on a tray. Doing well at these games earns you tickets for virtual prizes, in addition to unlocking new game modes at the Prize Booth. The game also features an interactive environment with four different carnival alleys to navigate.

Carnival Games VR is 2K's first VR game and launches October 28 on PlayStation VR and HTC Vive for $20. No date has been announced for Oculus Rift, but 2K says it's "coming soon." This is likely because the game requires the Oculus Touch controllers, which have not received an official release date.

The Carnival Games series has sold millions of copies, but it isn't exactly associated with quality. The franchise consists of four games with the last having released in 2011. The original Wii game received a score of 4.5/10 in GameSpot's review, in which critic Alex Navarro said, "Unless fumbling your way through half-baked minigames to win some virtual stuffed animals sounds like fun, you should leave this overpriced collection on the shelf."

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