Wii Shop updated with Monkeys, Ghosts, Axes, Zombies

Nintendo Update: Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 3 joined by Ghost Mansion Party, Golden Axe, Zombies Ate My Neighbors; Sudoku, PictureBook Games arrive on DSi.


Telltale Games typically doesn't have much of a problem releasing new installments in its episodic adventure series at one-month intervals. However, Wii gamers have certainly noticed the nearly two-month span that has elapsed since the release of Chapter 2 in the developer's Tales of Monkey Island series, especially considering that the PC edition debuted at the end of September.

We'll get these Wii owners' doubloons yet!
We'll get these Wii owners' doubloons yet!

Today, though, Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 3: Lair of the Leviathan is now available for download through Nintendo's WiiWare shop for 1,000 Wii points ($10). In Guybrush Threepwood's continuing quest for Elaine, the protagonist ventures into the guts of a "giant manatee," where he encounters lost explorer Coronado de Cava (relation to Francisco Vazquez de Coronado unknown), among other diverse characters.

Gameloft's Ghost Mansion Party joins Tales of Monkey Island on WiiWare this week, and it also costs 1,000 Wii points ($10). The minigame compilation sports a diverse set of activities for up to four players as they compete in a Halloween-themed board game. The arcade edition of Sega's Golden Axe and LucasArts' Zombies Ate My Neighbors are available for 900 Wii points ($9) and 800 Wii points ($8) through the Wii's Virtual Console.

On the DSi, Electronic Arts wades into the portable brain-training realm with Sudoku. The 200 DSi point ($2) title includes "hundreds" of Sudoku puzzles, with five difficulty levels that range from easy to insane. Nintendo's PictureBook Games: The Royal Bluff is available for 500 DSi points ($5) and features multiplayer-centric gameplay for up to four. In the game, players work to deduce the chip colors of opponents, across Tournament, Free Play, and DS Wireless Play modes.

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