Wii Prince of Persia confirmed

It's official: Ubisoft is bringing its popular franchise to Nintendo's next-gen console; release date still unknown.


Last week, a version of a Ubisoft press release on a French gaming site indicated that the publisher's Prince of Persia franchise was headed for the Wii in March of 2007. This week, a Ubisoft representative confirmed for GameSpot that the time-twisting series will indeed grace Nintendo's new console, but she couldn't say exactly when.

"A game based on Ubisoft's popular Prince of Persia franchise is currently in development for the Wii," the rep said. "At this time we don't have any additional information on the game or when it will be coming out, but we'll let you know as soon as we do."

Ubisoft has shown a considerable amount of support for the Wii already. For instance, the original news of the aforementioned press release was that the publisher would have seven games available for the Nintendo system at launch. In addition to the already announced Rayman and Red Steel, Ubi pledged to have Wii versions of Blazing Angels, Far Cry, Open Season, and more ready for launch day. This also makes the Wii the only next-gen system confirmed to play host to a Prince of Persia title.

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