Wii Party First Look

Nintendo announces new party game for the Wii; says title will help bridge the gap between casual and core gamers.


Wii Party

At E3 2009, Nintendo drove home the point that games can, and should, be played by everyone. This mantra has dictated titles like Mario Kart Wii and New Super Mario Bros. Wii, games Nintendo has labeled as "bridging the gap" between casual gamers and core gamers.

Supported by Mario Kart Wii and New Super Mario Bros. Wii sales figures (22 million copies worldwide and 14 million copies worldwide, respectively) and an NPD study showing that more people intend to buy a Wii in the next six months than all the other platforms combined, Nintendo announced the latest title in this line of bridging titles at today's E3 2010 press conference.

Wii Party will allow players to use their Mii characters to play a new batch of party games and more than 70 minigames. Nintendo rolled a brief trailer of the title, showing off Board Game Island (where Miis hop over giant board game panels), a balancing ship where players must use their Wii Remote and body balance to stay on the ship as it rolls along the waves, and Animal House, where players can interact with virtual pets and play a range of tailored minigames together.

Wii Party will ship this holiday.

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