Wii outselling PS3 in Japan 5-to-1

The latest figures from the Land of the Rising Sun show Nintendo steaming ahead of Sony in console units shifted.


April's figures showed the Wii was outselling the PlayStation 3 4-to-1 in Japan, and last month the gap widened even further, with the cheaper Nintendo console now 5-to-1 ahead, reports Bloomberg.

Bloomberg, quoting figures from Famitsu publisher Enterbrain Inc, revealed that 251,794 Wiis had been sold in Japan in May, five times as many units as the PS3. Microsoft's Xbox 360 lagged even further behind, with 11,082 units changing hands last month. Exact figures were not given for PS3 sales, but they are likely to be in the region of 50,000.

The story was much the same in the battle of the handhelds, with the Nintendo DS having sold 620,670 to the PlayStation Portable's 123,673 during May.

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