Wii Okami bumped to April 15

Capcom confirms Ready at Dawn's port of Clover Studios' well-received lupine action adventure will hibernate three weeks longer than expected.


In light of its innovative paintbrush gameplay mechanic, many considered Capcom and now-defunct Clover Studios' Okami to be a far better fit for Nintendo's Wii than the PlayStation 2 it appeared on in 2006. Luckily, despite the game's original development house being dispersed shortly after Okami's release, Capcom signed on Daxter developer Ready at Dawn to pick up the title for a Wii port.

In laying out its release lineup for the first half of the year in mid-January, Nintendo gave the game's fervent following happy tidings, marking Okami for release on March 25. However, that reveal now appears to have been premature, as Capcom has today confirmed to GameSpot that Okami's prowl has been postponed three weeks to April 15.

Capcom gave no explanation as to why the game was delayed. One possible reason for the hold-up, however, could have been a reallocation of resources to God of War: Chains of Olympus, which Ready at Dawn has prepped for release on the PlayStation Portable later this week.

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