Wii Music, Animal Crossing, Kirby hit Japan in '08

Nintendo confirms new launch windows on long-awaited, little-heard-from Wii and DS titles.


In September of 2006, two months and change before the Wii launched in Japan, Nintendo released a list of upcoming games for the system, among them Wii Music and new installments of Animal Crossing and Kirby. The first of that group was given a 2007 release window, with dates for the latter two simply listed as TBA.

In Nintendo's latest supplement to its quarterly earnings report, the publisher updated those release windows, giving all three games expected Japanese launches sometime in 2008, and a "(Temp.)" designation next to their titles. A number of DS games received the same Japanese launch window and designation, including the superlatively named Hoshi no Kirby Ultra Super Deluxe, Fire Emblem, and Eternal Chronicle. Nintendo showed more certainly in the dates and titles for the Japanese Wii releases of Super Mario Stadium Family Baseball and Disaster: Day of Crisis, both of which were slated to launch by the end of the year.

As for American release dates, Nintendo pegged a May 5 launch for its DS Crosswords game, with the Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness flavors of its next DS Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game set for the second quarter. On the living room side of its business, Nintendo confirmed a second-quarter release for Wii Fit in the US, as well as a tentative 2008 launch in Europe.

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Kirby is always fun. Looking forward to Ultra Super Mega Deluxe or whatever that name is again.

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I hope Fire Emblem DS comes out soon! I'm going to pre-order it as soon as it's release date is set.

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hoorayy!! for animal crossing make it really like real life so you can pretty much do everything :)

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I'm REALLY hoping for a new Kirby game on the Wii. Turns out there was originally supposed to be a Kirby game on the Gamecube, but got scrapped for some reason. A new Fire Emblem on the DS would also be good.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Disaster day of crisis is going to rock! Cant wait for animal crossing either!

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wii want the pokemon ranch and animalcrossing wii

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Oh man, It's been waaaay too long of a wait for a DS Fire Emblem title. The sooner it comes out the better.

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Can't wait for Disaster: Day of Crisis! Also Animal Crossing's gonna rock. And whatever happened to Project H.A.M.M.E.R.? Someone PM me if you know.

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Now we're talking. More meaningful games besides Mario sports spinoffs. Animal Crossing Wii? Kirby Wii? Sign me up, brother!

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I love the video for Animal Crossing where the guy just screams "I don't know what's going on! But why do I love it so much!?" Perfectly sums up the attitude I have for the game.

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I can't help but love Animal Crossing.. And I don't know why!

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We have known about Animal Crossing sense the Wii came out and this says nothing new about it. '-' Thanks though. Kirby sounds awesome

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I really hope those rumors about Animal Crossing being more of an MMO are true.

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*prays for hoshi no kirby ultra super deluxe, animal crossing wii, and pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of darkness/pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time to be realesed in America very, VERY soon (especially hoshi no kirby ultra super deluxe!)*

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Did I miss something or did this article not mention anything about the animal crossing Wii date?

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About time Fire Emblem hits the DS. sooner the better cuz i cant wait. :)

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Do Want :D

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This isn't enough. C'mon Nintendo...give us something special....something new.

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Yay for Animal Crossing!!

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I just want my ACWII!!!!

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Hope Day of Crisis isn't the only new franchise game. I know a lot of people are still waiting for their favourite wii version of some games (Animal Crossing and Kirby seem to have more fans than i expected) but i'm also waiting for some more new stuff.

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I'm glad that AC and FE are headed our way. Wild World was alright on the DS, but it belongs on the Wii - vice versa for FE. Both games should be great.

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Fire Emblem DS looks much better then the Super Famicom version, this is awesome ! I play now the Gba Fe title, the Blazing Swords, the 25. chapter, but this isn't so hard like the Super Famicom Fe games, also this have a very good story and sympathic Characters like Marcus. I hope that the new DS Fire Emblem title will have an english release too.

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Will Kirby go 3D this time (Wii version), because I think 2D is too old for this generation (SSBB does not count, it is not a game, it is the greatest effing masterpiece ever!)

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onique- 'I think gamespots article says DS kirby' It's actually for the both of 'em, console AND handheld. Which is music to Kirby fans' ears

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I want me some Animal Crossing!

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@razu_gamer if you want violent games then go play resident evil, no more heroes, whatever. Classic is classic man.

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Hmmm... Disaster: Day of Crisis... forgot about that game.

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...there goes productivity out the window...

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AC? Kirby? Wii Music? And people said the Wii would fail this year...

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cant wait for animal crossing or kirby! i jsut hope they dont focus the whole game on the motion control or else they will probably screw the game up, just like most of the other games that try that

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i heard that they migh be making animal crossing a MMO type of game, not shore how it would work but it sounds verry interesting. i for one cant wait, i need to go fishing, ohh nooo not another sea bass haha

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Ugh, Wii Music. I thought they werent going to bring a new Kirby game to the Wii?

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Interesting... I hope, & pray AC doesn't suffer from friend code issues. It'll probably be out mid-late next year. Who knows? Maybe sooner... Game companies, & their prospective release windows,... yeesh!

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Awesome sounding stuff there. Looks like another great year to own a Wii and DS.

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Can't wait for Fire Emblem on DS and Wii Music!

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@bretikur: don't worry no offence taken. And yes I do understand Nintendo. I had a snes, NGC and now the Wii. Frankly I am annoyed with them. Bakc then I enjoyed DK and mario kart. But now, I am sorry I am not a kid anymore. And when I mean kiddy, I mean kiddy concepts in gameplay, graphic style and general presentation. NOT THE RATING. Though SMG is a 3+, the gameplay is more for the mature gamer. Mario kart....kiddy crap. But F zero, though a 3+ (i think), is totally wicked. Zelda is a 12+/teen. Yet has mature themes and mature forms of gameplay. You know what I mean when I say ninty needs to grow up??

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Animal Crossing better be great. The first games suffered from N64-syndrome. The Wii is capable of so much more detail and depth. I am not getting my hopes up though. Probably we will still get the mountain bike you can't ride, moon module's that can't travel to the moon, swimming suits you can't swim with.. ..and oh yes, they probably lied about the release year, too.

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amazing, still not a single good game to play on that machine..

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can't wait for Animal Crossing

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w00t! Finally Animal Crossing!!!

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I think gamespots article says DS kirby, unrealuigi "A number of DS games received the same Japanese launch window and designation, including the superlatively named Hoshi no Kirby Ultra Super Deluxe, Fire Emblem" etc

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Hmm. I'm interested in Disaster - at least, I'm interested in hearing more about it :P. I never played an AC game - for various reasons - so I'm interested in trying one. My story with Kirby is nearly the same but I think that I did play some Kirby game on a GameBoy like 14 years ago :P...

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sweet, been lookin forward to new console kirby.

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ahh! I want animal crossing! :D

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Looks like a promising year for Nintendo! Definitely better than last year

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i cant wait for animal crossing, i hope that it makes it to an early 09 release

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Bring on Animal Crossing!

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Did I heard right? Day of Crisis at the end of this year? SWEET!